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Stuck in the Middle With You Rerun - 11/31/23

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if the Fed is cutting in Q2 2024, the ECB will probably be cutting more. Inflation in Europe is in freefall and their economy is not strong. The ECB could be facing below-target inflation before Major League Baseball season opens in April 2024.  The lower inflation, crappy growth story in Europe has been capturing a lot of attention this week as many well-known Europe experts (Jens, Alf, and George, for example) have been talking up the prospects of European weakness in 2024. The market has decimated the EUR crosses this week in response to rapidly repricing ECB expectations



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stop talking about 1929, its pure non sense.

People keep listening to this fairy tales instead of investing since 2009 bottom.

Spx went up from 666 to 4800 and bears keep talking about crashes, 1929. Maybe some day bears will hit 🎯 target.


for sure right now we need some healthy corretion but thats it.

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2 hours ago, DrStool said:

He may or may not be correct in this instance, but with respect, I wouldn't trust that psycho warmonger any further than I could throw his ample behind. He is married to Victoria Nuland, and his sister runs the Institute for the Study of War. Like Lindsey Graham, none of them ever met a war they didn't love. Reprehensible dirtbags that stand for little more than death and destruction around the world. 

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I don't know anything about the author. His vision is certainly terrifying, and consistent with what I started warning about in 2016. This whole saga looks like Germany 1929-33. Remember that the Beer Hall Putsch failed and Hitler was jailed for a time. It didn't matter. His power just kept growing. 

If the author is right, and my pessimistic assessment that he is, then we are in the death throes of democracy in America. That's bad news for the whole world.  

A Trump family dictatorship will certainly be a scary, horrible outcome for Democrats. MAGAts will be the storm troopers of the Trumpist dictatorship. They will go after Dems tooth and nail, and there will be no force that will have the will or ability to stop them.  

Gulag anyone? Or worse? 

But will it be good for stocks? That's all that matters, right? 

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