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  1. The TA had my chart picks 100% long. The best pick through today was AMD, but Tuesday's shakeout shook me out. Can't complain. I jumped on other stuff. I'm learning in my old age that perfection isn't achievable. Good enough is good enough. Good night again.
  2. And that's the way it is. Wednesday, January 32, 2023. From nice Nice France, I bid you, bonne nuit et bonne chance. See ya Damara.
  3. AMD I was long that but got shook out. Missed 10 points. But I can't complain. I bought other shit that did fine.
  4. I give myself credit for not having stops and for buying near the lows after that downgrade. Stop would taken me out with a big loss. That loss is now reversed into a nice profit. "Whatever your broker tells you to do, do the opposite, and you'll make money." -Old guy in the customers' gallery at Walston and Co. 1969.
  5. I remember someone saying that when the Federal debt hits the debt ceiling, it's bullish. Apparently for both stocks and bonds. Once they make a deal gonna be a lot of money to be made on the short side. Payback's a beach.
  6. I came in with 8 longs, no shorts. Doubled up a couple, and added two more. 10 is my functional limit. I'd like to be enjoying this more than I am, but I'm sceert. If this goes down as fast as it's going up, I'll be in trouble. I'm not a fast reactor.
  7. What possible conventional narrative could there be for this rally? They gotta be creative, or smash the market in the last hour.
  8. Some asshole dealer bucket shop rated one of my longs an underweight. Stock got smashed 15% So I doubled up a few cents off the morning low. Position now green. I MUAHAHA those dealers. Play the game like they do. Fuckers.
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