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  1. 4356. The oscillators are potentially bullish here. If they clear that, it will be off to the races as shorts panic. But if they don't, the bulls will panic.
  2. The geuro is getting absolutely destroyed. I'll have mine with onion, tomato, fries, and tzatziki sauce.
  3. Heading for sport levels 4285, 80 and 73. If that breaks, abandon hope all ye assholes who enter here.
  4. THat was a good place to roll over, but they gotta take out 4330 for it to mean anything.
  5. Meanwhile, looks like I'll get a lot more gyros for my US doodahs while living in France. The initial price target of this move is 1.09-1.11. The long term target is 1.01.
  6. Every time gold starts to look good, it does something awful. Good News On Gold The buttcoin long squeezeout may be exhausted. The 6 month cycle projection has leveled out at 32,000. They may stick around around here or a little higher for a few months before the next downleg toward the target of negative 5,000.
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