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  1. Not saying you aren't correct about the other things you posted, but I believe that today is a new moon, not a full moon? I have been looking at the stuff you have posted over in Look Out Below, thanks for sharing it.
  2. The beauty of these markets still amaze me after all these years, even in all time frames. Here's 4 minute NQ for last 2 days. Yesterday's decline of 131 points was within 5 points of a perfect 7/8 (87.5%) decline of a 156 point octave (156.25 is a Murrey Math octave, think of it as Gann angles, kinda). Today's decline of 125 points was within 8 points of a perfect 6/8, and then it put in a slightly higher low (by .5) vs. yesterday, then up it went. Given the sloppy way I trade, 5 points and 8 points using NQ is plenty close. Back in U.S. next week and will be hanging around the Stool Cooler more. Missed it. Hoping that some market fireworks start after the long weak end and maybe bears can finally get something going that sticks for a bit. I have my doubts, but I also have my hopes. πŸ™‚ Hasta luego!
  3. Thanks, Doc. Now I gotta check for patterns around 12-14th. I'm off to PullMyFinger Capital's Latin American "office" for some largely undeserved tequila and cerveza research and inspection. Will be mostly out of the Stool Yard the next few days. Feel free to crash the markets in my absence. Someone else will have to take up the banner of inane questions that are my hallmark. Fortunately, I endeavor to keep the bar low! πŸ˜ƒHasta luego!
  4. Open secret then I guess. I don't follow Sven--is he one of those perma bears? Interesting pattern. Something works until it doesn't, I guess. πŸ™‚
  5. Question for Doc when he returns to the Stool today. Hope this chart is legible enough, I struggle with pixels. πŸ™‚ You have written before about settlements that happen mid-month. Check out ES action around the 19th of each month since April. Is this a function of that?
  6. There were 6 green candles in a row on the 30M NQ yesterday morning before it took a breather. Currently working on #6 again. Will history repeat, rhyme, or ignore?
  7. It's Christmas in August for the bulls this morning. If it's Friday, I guess it's gotta be Flo-Bot. Where's MisFit Kid?
  8. Are you saying that Dow & S&P should peak early September, but NASDAQ has already peaked in August?
  9. One by one, the Horsemen of the Nascrapolyse are starting to turn green. Conquest. War. Famine. Death. Eavesdropping. Spying. Intrusion.
  10. NQ has been waiting for Godot since August 5. Battle lines look pretty well set for now. It really can't be this easy, can it?
  11. Closed my YM long on that upper channel kiss. Long since the bottom channel touch this morning. It's rare that I can pick a bottom and not wind up with a smelly finger, so I'm out. It's fine if it runs away to the upside, there will probably be something tomorrow to amuse and entice. Gonna hang onto my NQ long for a little longer. Amazingly lucky day. See y'all tomorrow!
  12. Thanks Doc! I don't do Fecebook either, but appreciate the listing link. Looks like a sweet view from your pic! YM. Fast approaching top of downtrend aqua channel. Decision time or not?
  13. 60M NQ. The 55, 89, 144, and 200 EMAs are starting to pinch together again. Often presages a big move.
  14. Mrs. Finger does the grocery shopping, but I will play along and say buy the dip to accompany those chips. πŸ™‚ I don't do Instagram. Any other place I can see pix of your swanky new digs? I'm trying to talk Mrs Finger into a trip to Eastern Europe "someday" soon.
  15. Playing with numbers this morning. I added a couple of 1/8ths on each side of the 0/8 and 8/8 lines on the earlier 30M NQ chart to make a 12 note octave. From the 8/8 move (blue horizontal to blue horizontal) of Thursday's low to Friday's high, the market declined an exact 9/8 (112.5%), from where it started to bounce this morning. Good old Murrey Math, which is borrowed from Gann's angles course. It's almost as if markets aren't random. πŸ™‚
  16. 30M. Pierced Thursday's low, but so what until a candle or two close below the line happens.
  17. NQ just came within a whisper of Thursday's low that started a launch. Will it be different this time?
  18. And here come the bounce attempt. 610 EMA strikes again. Came within 6 points of it, close enough for my sloppy work. Blind pig finds a truffle for a change. πŸ–
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