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  1. Teladoc and Palo Alto also cruzified after ze bell. Beneath the mattress it smells worse than at the fish market…
  2. Solaredge -22% after ze bell. If you ever wondered how a distribution pattern looks like look st the Solaredge monthly or weekly chart
  3. 6 Trillion on the sidelines… Please go ahead Doc 😂😂😂
  4. Lots of upgraded price targets for Nvidia since a few days… If they disappoint next week, mon dieu mon dieu…
  5. „There are no solutions, only trade-offs“ Thomas Sowell
  6. If there were no ETF Apple would already be 50% lower.
  7. You are such a good gal Janet! You will go into history books as the saviour of the free world! You alone avoided Hitler 2.0, thank you!
  8. There is only one stock that EVER had a higher daily RSI 14 and that was: Gamestop.
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