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  1. They don‘t talk much about it, if at all, but quite sure one of the targets of the CB‘s is the total destruction of Buttcoin. if liqui stays tight, what it most likely will, Buttcoin won‘t stop falling and some/all of these Buttcoin ETF‘s will implode. But there will be no bail out, cause they are not part of the „Club“. See there is no Bittcoin ETF from Deutsche Bank 😉
  2. Right. New trading „systems“ always reflect the market regime of roughly the past decade. No wonder Antonacci came up with „Dual Momentum“ in 2014 and not say in 1997. We had two large bears in 2000-03 and 2007-09 AND we had large swings in the USD, thst‘s why Dual Momentum worked. It underperforms since 2009… Latest stuff is the following: You are not fully invested in stocks, but you add no matter what at a drawdown of 20%, you then add at 40% and gawd beware at minus 60%. This reflects the regime since 2009. This system will underperform from now on, betcha.
  3. That‘s why many stocks fizzled out in Aug 2020, maybe went a bit higher, but the easy money was in most cases made by Aug 2020. Only shows once again that all that counts is liqui.
  4. If I would be a „market maker“ I‘d punish the „I gonna buy Amazon at the day of the split hand over fist!“-crowd. Quite sure it will happen anyway. 😂
  5. You mean by August the wheels will fall off and therefore the FED will be forced to reverse course? Imagine „the market“ cracks the BoJ, mon dieu! If those JGB‘s blow up… ou la la!
  6. Would Sir Prize me a lot, if they would not try to safe the quarter/ half year at least somewhat at almost any cost and then create that warm and fuzzy feeling above 4k for the 4th of July.
  7. Yeah, they have it with the numbers, like back then when the ultimate low was 666 😂
  8. Quite possible. EOQ window dressing quite important for many institutionals. Giving folks a warm and fuzzy feeling for July 4 also on the agenda. We see 4k next week. Around there reloading for Acapulco Death Dive.
  9. The Japanese better watch out that their JGB‘s don‘t blow up. 😂✌🏻
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