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  1. We should also not forget: There will be pressure liquiditywise on the market once the debt ceiling is lifted, but probably from a much higher level. So when we would be at 4800 and go down 15% we are at 4080, far far away from the Oct low.
  2. The downtrend is broken, liquidity is there for the time being, Poopwell did NOT shock the market today…quite obvious what to do now.
  3. Poopwell‘s presser was NOT ultra dovish. Market would have went up no matter what he says. There is liqui right now. That‘s it. The only thing I regret is that I‘m mentally not able to play such situations with leverage.
  4. https://www.forexlive.com/centralbank/watch-live-powell-hosts-fomc-press-conference-20230201/
  5. So la la, ISM PMI was worse than expected, but employment component up. JOLT's was up more than expected.
  6. FED makes mistake today and hikes 0.25, BUT announces acceleration of pace of balance sheet reduction.
  7. When demand for credit goes down, banks lend less. So less money is created and the economy can‘t grow. This could only be offset by the FED starting QE again, or some type of it. so under these circumstances Poopwell normally would have to announce at least a pause im balance sheet reduction. As we know the FED made many mistakes in the past, so why not tomorrow?
  8. Bulls push it to the limit. As always. There could be quite the sell off after FED, but given the liquidity situation due to debt ceiling, it will be quite likely be a buying opportunity.
  9. A short note regarding the inverted yield curve: Since a few weeks there is more and more talk about that the yield curve inversion and it's anticipation of a comming recession isn't that reliable anymore. Folks then bring some cryptic reasons for that argument, which - in my view - is nothing else than: "THIS time, it's different!"
  10. J&J Can’t Use Bankruptcy to End Cancer Suits Over Baby Powder, Court Says (yahoo.com)
  11. I told him years ago speaking Pennsylvania Deitsch the whole day will sooner or later lead to problems. So, there we have it. 😂
  12. Flyyyy Eagles flyyyyy!!! 😎🥳 I feel hooligan potential among Philly fans 😂 If there would be more real derbies in the US boy oh boy there would be wild clashes every weekend 😂
  13. Just watching the pre-game stuff. Seems like Philly is quite passionate with their Eagles, the whole city is green and white and „go birds!“ signs everywhere. Quite cool! But why in hell did the Eagles change their colour? That is not green, that is petrol! 🤯
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