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  1. So the "Market" loves the "Jennifer" Eccles Show...... as usual.......... rate cuts on the horizon if not sooner....... >: with the very easy conditions accroding according to Goldman Sacks?
  2. The Texas Ranger Rally ⚾ ..... 50 + years and finally a Championship (World Series) US Baseball Record for futiliy....to a degree.....
  3. Johnny "Cash" Syndrome....(Don't call me Sue(d))....🤠
  4. Newcastle United - Paris Saint-Germain ⚽ The 2 owners net worth 800B or more..et al.... Any one talking.....? No discourse on any "budget" ⚽ >: 4-1 Newcastle >:: Budget means FFP "Euro Football"
  5. The MFk look at the end of QTR Gary US Bond Market.... >: That 5.13% is real...the 7% FHLB is a twisted sort in that the bond does not start until 1 month (Dated Date 10/31/23), it is callable every month >:: almost everything in CD (1+ yr.) land is callable, and very un-liquid >::: US bonds are inverted (or should that be "Slotted") >:::: would you really want to buy a corporate bond or muni that pays less that a GOV......
  6. How much have you learned-how good do you speak in French, or any of the other Euro languages, since you moved there? It would seem that actually being there would help more than say Rosetta Stone software, etc.
  7. I was just thinking the same thing......🤣 Insert Scorpions' Song..........
  8. ⚽ Watching the EPL, an annnouncer said take a BHA player and 5X the transfer fee....... ......That is why their stadium is sponsored by a credit card company.....(American Based, no less) Too much truth in several direections.....🤣
  9. The Gary US Bond update..... A) CD's from banks are shamefully flat and mostly callable b) Govt agencys are all callable (beside some very old ones) c) corps and munis are a some how being bid? d) 2-10 treasuries are a ???? >: all cd's more than 2 years are callable....or yield less than 5%
  10. just to pile onto AAPL, a little more....... So AAPL puts together a "Streaming Deal" with the Pac-12 NCAA football conference, and the confernce completely disentergates into the Pac-4........(8 members have left, so far)
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