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  1. "$SPX - Finally closed below the 10 DMA which confirms the daily cycle high was made on Friday. The next daily cycle low is due around December 12, the next instance of the 30-33 day cycle that inverted at the Oct 27 low. A close below the 20 DMA may lead to a gap fill at 4421"
  2. New ath on dax is pure wtf for me. Sick man of europe, energy crisis, RE crisis, economic crisis and guess what, ath. WTF!
  3. Gold is shit. Look at returns since 2009 for equities vs gold etc Its paying completely nothing. The whole story is based on Russian stories that America sill go bankrupt and dollar is worthless. They keep talking about this stories i guess since 70ties of last century. Lets focus on equities, bonds and crypto like BTC. Why BTC? because its better for mafia and all scumbags. Really. Im pretty sure that 50% of money flowing to crypto is drugs, money laundering etc Thats why there is a bright future ahead of btc. Unless all big gov kill this channel for mafia but i dont think it will happens.
  4. "Gold - New all time high at 2120 but an ugly bearish reversal at the same time. It likely made an intermediate term high today at the 153 day cycle from the May high. Gold bugs can't even enjoy a new ATH because every time it makes one it turns out to be an intermediate high"
  5. "SPX - Probably made a daily cycle high on Friday at 4600. In order to confirm it, SPX has to close below the 10 day MA which hasn't happened yet. A close below the 10 DMA should lead to a decline to the gap area at 4458 and possibly a gap fill at 4221"
  6. We need healthy correction and treat this as a dip (like drop till 11.12.2023 and then go up).
  7. The 4-week change in AAII Bear Index is one of the largest drops we have seen in the last 20yrs.
  8. stop talking about 1929, its pure non sense. People keep listening to this fairy tales instead of investing since 2009 bottom. Spx went up from 666 to 4800 and bears keep talking about crashes, 1929. Maybe some day bears will hit 🎯 target. for sure right now we need some healthy corretion but thats it.
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