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  1. Did I say everything was priced in? We need this 10% correction.
  2. Lee, could you make your first post in today's thread (BLS) as a article so i could share it? Gr8 work.
  3. Dont you think that we need some kind of correction? at least 10%?
  4. Treasury Quadruples Borrowing Estimates to Pay for Stimulus https://ca.finance.yahoo.com/news/u-treasury-lifts-quarterly-borrowing-190000938.html
  5. Silver Coin Sites Grind to a Halt as Reddit Horde Takes Aim https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2021-01-31/silver-retail-sites-grind-to-halt-as-reddit-horde-moves-to-coins?fbclid=IwAR0b7KaYZYvK0e5t4iXVM3Hq7Du5mLGYOKLfn1oCrnviCXLdz7U_IH5rgDY
  6. I think the world is getting more insane. This really scares me. such a speculation, "respect the pump" etc, is all scary.
  7. I've listen to 30 first minutes of the hearing and it was actually in favour of FCC. Its all about this hogwash https://bioinitiative.org/ , Ramazzini Study on Radiofrequency Cell Phone Radiation etc its all been presented and killed before. BTW, there isnt such a diseases as electrohypersensitive. Its people imagination https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electromagnetic_hypersensitivity More over EMF which comes from SUN and many other sources are murch stronger them EMF generated by mobile. Its like taking those OTC (over the counter) pills for let say broken lashes or any other bullshit that is advertised in TV.
  8. Hey this is bullshit. no cancer from mobile or wifi. this is all, fake news, distributed or powered by russia in order to decrease the tempo of our productivity and speed of life. Russia ia around 5 to 10 years late in terms of 5G and thats why you have so many fake news on 5g and cancer made by EMF. go to emfexplained.info or many other webpages, also supported by WHO ICNIRP etc.
  9. overall market valuations are below the historical average when Treasury yields, corporate credit and cash are taken into account. That’s a view echoed by Citigroup. The global strategy team led by Robert Buckland weighed global equity prices on both a relative and historic basis and concluded even expensive U.S. shares could have much more room to run. “We would never advise anybody to chase a bubble,” they wrote on Friday. “It could burst at any time. But if CAPEs were to hit previous highs then the U.S. indices could go up another 50-100%. And that’s just looking at absolute valuations. If we measure against bond yields then even the Nasdaq looks cheap.” https://ca.finance.yahoo.com/news/bubble-fears-everywhere-investors-keep-131515970.html
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