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  1. NDX broke above last week's high and encountered the gap resistance at 12420. If we get better than expected earnings from the big tech 4 reporting today and tomorrow, it may run to the Sep high at 12750 by Friday.
  2. SPX broke out above both the December and September highs(4101 and 4119). The next resistance is at the gap from August at 4203. The cup and handle pattern targets ~4250 using 4015 as the peak of the cup and 3780 as the bottom of the cup.
  3. and now, after the close, lets get good google amazon earnings and we could jump one more k on nasdaq Tonight
  4. wow what a headline this quote should be saved POWELL: I THINK THE ECONOMY CAN GET BACK TO 2% WITHOUT A REALLY SIGNIFICANT DOWNTURN
  5. non event? eurusd blowing thru the roof. anyone remember talk about parity?
  6. He said that inflation is not coming down in core cpi and services excluding housing and they will keep rising but more gently. He also said that they think its the right time for inflation to come down
  7. Polish WIG20 (blue chips) was one of the leader of rally since late september. Since 9th JAN keep consolidating and now just want to break to the...downside.
  8. that would be a bullish change becasue market would think that Fed could change the pace of rate rise, and even cut when economy would be hit and be in recession. "Some anal cysts do expect the Fed to remove from its policy statement the current, open-ended promise of "ongoing increases" in interest rates, a phrase used since the central bank began its tightening cycle in March. Any new language, however, would still leave the door open for further increases depending on incoming economic data, particularly on inflation and jobs." https://www.reuters.com/markets/rates-bonds/fed-expected-deliver-small-rate-hike-keep-anti-inflation-tilt-2023-02-01/
  9. 1. Inverse H&S - check 2. Break out from the bear trendline - check (but could turn into a fakeout) 3. Forming a higher high -- in progress (needs to move above 4177 to check this point) 4. Recent poll -- 65%+ think the breakout is fake and new lows are ahead
  10. Well, Fed dont like to shock the markets so 25bps rate rise is already priced in. Having said this, markets should move higher after Fed. Fintweet bubble is position for selloff. the reason for selloff is just TA. Main inflection points on bitcoin, usd, spx, ndx and many names
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