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  1. Deutsche alive, no bank chapter 11 over the weekend… up we go 🙄
  2. Speakers on! This is effing hilarious! 😂😂😂
  3. Episode 2 of the magnificent Frontline documentary (it is from 2012, but it looks as it could have been yesterday):
  4. Probably the best documentary how it came to the financial crisis 2008. Starting in the 1990s, emphasis on Derivatives and de-regulation:
  5. Comical Ali won‘t appear this evening, but he just told Nick Timiraos privately: „Apple and Mafiasoft will save the world!“
  6. If this goes on like that, Comical Ali will appear here again this evening… 🙄
  7. Buttcoin is weird: The SEC goes after it, Binance said spot trading suspended, fraud from A to Z… yet it keeps holding up at 28k. 🙄
  8. Dunno, but Sven Henrich goes on my nerves since a while. Just because you seem to have cracked the twitter algorithm and therefore appear everywhere on twitter, doesn‘t give you the right to present yourselve as „Mr Know it All“ every other effing day. And you know what? No, not every chart formation is „a wedge“.
  9. Deutsche Bank under pressure, -8% If Deutsche falls, would result in a world wide clusterfuck of epic proportions. That is not just „yet another German bank“. Deutsche is far far more important than Lehman ever was. Deutsche is deeply embedded in the German and European „real economy“ AND has a derivatives book which is one GIANT shitehole.
  10. The BoJ pumps again overnight. They will never stop. It is really a farce what they do since over a decade. If it goes on like that there will come the day where the BoJ will posses all the Japanese equity ETF‘s and every JGB. I mean, what is this???
  11. Rusty leads. Nasty would too, but is fucked up nowadays due to monster mega caps, where the whole world hides.
  12. Is that pegged automatically on the statistical life expectancy in the US? I read that they do this in Italy, Spain, Portugal and Denmark.
  13. So now bulls say that Yellen was interpreted wrongly yesterday??? If I remember correctly she didn‘t speak Suaheli, right?
  14. The FED really thinks it can fine tune a credit crunch? Ohhhkaaay…. When you bomb higher rates in no time the resulting credit crunch will be a TSUNAMI.
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