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  1. The brutal smackdown of the attempt to start a broad based revival of the meme stock mania was also a tell…
  2. Look at Gold, Bitcoin, Rstes and basically everything else but Nvidia…
  3. Apple beats. Who would have thought that? 110 billion buyback. Hey, why mot 1 trillion.
  4. Carvana up 30% after hours, beating by a landslide. Etsy down 15% after missing. Sooo…
  5. An absolut text book finger, amazing. Think this is a trap for da bears. We will see.
  6. He will go to Real Madrid. Stil not officially confirmed, but 99.9% safe.
  7. 😉😂 btw, is the NFL in France also as popular as in Germany? They really created a hype here, amazing.
  8. Mbappe is an awesome player. The rest? Hmmm…
  9. The other day I first thought they kicked CNBC out of my cable. But thank god it is still there. Earnings season at CNBC is the Wallhalla of stock market porn, I love it. 😍 😂
  10. 😊 good game Dortmund vs Paris better than the presser of Poopwell, which was lame today
  11. What the Treasury announced today does not have very bearish implications…
  12. Hi Stooligans, since some asked about me: Yes I‘m alive and I feel fine. 😎 Hope the same can be said about every Stoolie and I hope Doc was a good guide - as always - for you in last few weeks. Best regards fxfox
  13. And when it is empty they gonna reintroduce some kind of QE. Easy peasy.
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