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  2. Santa Coming to Town. That was amazing november. Now it's time for great december.
  3. I even have a weekly buy signal on Peloton, the bike with sn ipad on it… That says it all. It the FED really wants to stop this they gotta make a Sir Prize rate hike.
  4. Last week
  5. The list is up 11% with an average 3 week holding period. A few of the picks hit stops just before they took off today. C'est la vie. Have a great weak end! Bonne nuit et bonne chance. Swing Trade Screen Picks – Read My Lips, No New Longs. But a Couple Shorts
  6. Paypal, Teladoc, Enphase and whatnot new buy signals on my weekly stuff
  7. Turns out that the two short picks did not get stopped. They're doing ok.
  8. Depends on your time frame. Over the long haul we're all dead. So I grab what I can in the short run. 3-6 weeks. For some, today is payday. Swing Trade Screen Picks – Read My Lips, No New Longs. But a Couple Shorts The interesting thing here is that the screens will spit out a lot more buys than sells after today. Will be interesting to see if there are any charts worth adding on the buy side. I haven't looked at the two short picks, but if they didn't get stopped out earlier this week, they may have been today. Not sure if I will update Monday or Tuesday. Stay tuned.
  9. I'm pulling this comment...for now. I need to see more in the chart. TCG
  10. 50 weekly at 4.00, then we will see The 2y is already at the 50, if that doesn‘t hold we go to the 200 at 2.87
  11. 13 week cycle projection on the 10 year yield is 4.18. Conventional measured move target of the top breakdown is 3.95. Ouch. This Chart Tells Us Exactly When the Bull Market Will End
  12. So the "Market" loves the "Jennifer" Eccles Show...... as usual.......... rate cuts on the horizon if not sooner....... >: with the very easy conditions accroding according to Goldman Sacks?
  13. Interesting that just a bit of relief on the issuance front is enough to ignite an „everything bubble“.
  14. My daily swing trade stock screens are still producing a preponderance of buy signals. The numbers are small but there are very few sell signals. Today was 76 to 25 in favor of buys, out of a universe of 1330 screened charts. Using the second signal in the last week criteria the edge was 31 to 4. Many are rangebound whipsaw signals. Hard to find good setups, but definitely fewer on the sell side.
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