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  2. The narrative, which isn't spoken yet, is that the Fed, the BOE, the BOJ and and the ECB are going to do QE infinity. Nobody is against it but nobody is willing to say so. So it will just sort of happen. The BOJ is doing it. The BOE will have to. They are set to do a rate hike tomorrow. We will see. The average Brit is like 20% poorer than a couple of years ago, it's getting worse, and strikes are rolling through the economy. Certainly a solid foundation for the rally of today and the last 4 months. I honestly think the Pound will rise when the BOE restarts QE. Why not? This whole everything rally started when the BOE stepped in with the 65bn in Sept after all. And it stuck. I mean, cripes.............. The Fed will have to do some QE when the debt thing settles.
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  4. The TA had my chart picks 100% long. The best pick through today was AMD, but Tuesday's shakeout shook me out. Can't complain. I jumped on other stuff. I'm learning in my old age that perfection isn't achievable. Good enough is good enough. Good night again.
  5. We should also not forget: There will be pressure liquiditywise on the market once the debt ceiling is lifted, but probably from a much higher level. So when we would be at 4800 and go down 15% we are at 4080, far far away from the Oct low.
  6. The downtrend is broken, liquidity is there for the time being, Poopwell did NOT shock the market today…quite obvious what to do now.
  7. NDX broke above last week's high and encountered the gap resistance at 12420. If we get better than expected earnings from the big tech 4 reporting today and tomorrow, it may run to the Sep high at 12750 by Friday.
  8. SPX broke out above both the December and September highs(4101 and 4119). The next resistance is at the gap from August at 4203. The cup and handle pattern targets ~4250 using 4015 as the peak of the cup and 3780 as the bottom of the cup.
  9. And that's the way it is. Wednesday, January 32, 2023. From nice Nice France, I bid you, bonne nuit et bonne chance. See ya Damara.
  10. Poopwell‘s presser was NOT ultra dovish. Market would have went up no matter what he says. There is liqui right now. That‘s it. The only thing I regret is that I‘m mentally not able to play such situations with leverage.
  11. AMD I was long that but got shook out. Missed 10 points. But I can't complain. I bought other shit that did fine.
  12. and now, after the close, lets get good google amazon earnings and we could jump one more k on nasdaq Tonight
  13. I give myself credit for not having stops and for buying near the lows after that downgrade. Stop would taken me out with a big loss. That loss is now reversed into a nice profit. "Whatever your broker tells you to do, do the opposite, and you'll make money." -Old guy in the customers' gallery at Walston and Co. 1969.
  14. I remember someone saying that when the Federal debt hits the debt ceiling, it's bullish. Apparently for both stocks and bonds. Once they make a deal gonna be a lot of money to be made on the short side. Payback's a beach.
  15. There is a Rush song in there... warning about when paradise (individualism and creativity) has been taken over/controlled.........by Priests who reside in the Temples of Syrinx......
  16. How many rip jobs does that make here lately......... hack saw those charts.....
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