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  2. I am an old boomer...and i can say...Cannabis. It's the past....cause I remember it😁😁
  3. I did not, but just went back and found it, thanks...hopefully she will listen to her good old Dad...she has in the past...
  4. NoEine- I posted a chart of the 10 year Treasury ETF for you. Did you notice?
  5. SPX and DJI have both said yesterday did not happen, QQQ's are a bit weaker or should i say less strong...Friday will wipe out Mon and Tue loss for SPX...and Ta Dah.... the week will be flat..."nothing to see here...move along"
  6. That's consistent with the 10 year yield through May 6. The spreads are too narrow because the Fed is buying all the MBS. When the 10 year yield breaks out, the MBS spread could also widen, but it will at least move in lockstep.
  7. What's this I hear about interest rates rising? https://fred.stlouisfed.org/series/MORTGAGE30US
  8. This is why I don't like to post mid week bulletins. Egg all over my face twice in one week. Fornicate.
  9. Obviously, it works, but when amplitude dramatically increases along with frequency, it can be hell to see the signal through the noise.
  10. Does TA work. Or doesn't it. Could make both cases out of this shit. Maybe my screen data is correct on the big picture. I'm always wracked with doubt. I guess that's why I'm a half decent anal cyst.
  11. Attacking this as we approach the open. The number is 4075,
  12. A few sample charts from today's screen. Here are a few that look interesting. Again, these are NOT RECOMMENDATIONS. Click the chart to enlarge No Einstein, this is for you. Bottom, or crash?
  13. On the 30 minute bars you can see that the bounce stopped exactly at multiple resistance line convergence.
  14. Not so sure about a V bottom, they are so last week... comes a time when mo free money just doesn't work anymore. Sure does make a mess though, someone has to clean up that huge pile of debt!
  15. Bears won yesterday's screen game, of course. The score was only 41 to 7, a spread of -34. Weird. Tuesday's score was Bears 26, Bulls 21. I would have thought that two days of carnage. Maybe it's just lag. Maybe many stocks are holding up ok. Or maybe my screening methodology is horseshit. The 5 day moving total is only 130 sells to 129 buys. It's definitely deteriorating, but this is hardly a number that would seem to justify the clobbering we just saw. I screen all stocks and ETFs from the NYSE and NASD, excluding those with less than an average of 1 million shares per day traded
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