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  1. How about "loose" instead of "lose"? Spell checkers don't really work as they don't look at context. I read a lot of books and it's rare to find one without typos. Really annoying. I would have made a terrific proof reader a few decades ago....😋
  2. Absolutely. I only use one indicator now with a sprinkling of others for background information.
  3. Australian real estate prices outrageous but also rents have skyrocketed. Tents and cars have become viable living spaces for many. Yet locally, in spite of ridiculously high renting and buying prices, there are many empty houses, some not been lived in for years. Others are derelict and need knocking down. There's also a shortage of builders and building supplies which is exacerbating the problem.
  4. I went pretty much to cash a few weeks ago but then there was a flurry of long signals so I dipped a toe in the water. Ouch! Had to retract digit sharply, fortunately only losing a toenail and not the whole toe. Ultra cautious now and my watchlist has gone from 800 stocks a few months ago to the current 400 and they're not looking all that bullish. All Ords is on a one-way trip south at this stage.
  5. The man dubbed "Dr Doom", US-based economist Nouriel Roubini, is warning that the world is facing a "perfect storm" of high inflation, rising interest rates and recession that will be "the worst of all worlds for workers". Employees in Australia may already feel some appreciation for Dr Roubini's argument. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2023-03-03/nouriel-roubini-warns-of-stagflation-crisis/102045718?utm_campaign=abc_news_web&utm_content=link&utm_medium=content_shared&utm_source=abc_news_web
  6. Last week it was daily chart indicators rolling over .. now it's the weekly charts' turn .. $$ leaving the market at a steady clip including mine. Down to nine positions now and two of those heading for the guillotine on Mon 😶
  7. Well I trade speculative Aussie stocks and I can say I have a plethora of sell signals and not one buy signal after scrolling through 700 odd daily charts. Cashing out most my positions first thing tomorrow!
  8. Electric transport is the way to go here: electric bikes, scooters, tricycles ... all the bike paths are being widened to take on more traffic. Probably a while before vehicles are electric but it will happen in the next 5 years imo. Not too much night noise as it's a mining town and day shift starts at 6am. Would consider US too dangerous (already commented on above) and I think UK/Europe vulnerable: too many people and too dependent on imported food. The main weakness locally is water. Currently it's pumped 600 km via pipeline and is a mix of fresh and desalinated water. The climate is typical desert: hot in summer, cold in winter but quite survivable should infrastructure fail. There's a big push on for renewable sources of power now so fossil fuel dependence should dwindle.
  9. Love the building but there's no privacy: seems like every window has a zillion neighbours' windows looking back at you ..
  10. Yeah YoBob was the one from Idaho whose handle escaped me ... Bearman was another concerning one .. think he had a howitzer mounted on his front lawn!
  11. That's the one .. and there was Bastiat, PileDriver, California Gold, The Brown One, the bloke from Idaho (forgotten his name), Dozer, Farmer (that guy living off the grid with family, even grew his own tobacco) and many more .. all good people in spite of what Doc says 😁
  12. I think B4 was the leader. Indexcalls was the name of the forum. They wanted the discussion to be more general than just financials. I attended for quite a while but there was a lot of posts to read and comment on and I didn't have the time to get fully involved. Not sure whether it's still going ...
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