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  1. Perhaps the answer to your question resides in a haiku: Do not question why Ours is but to trade or die Thus sayeth Yellen
  2. They say there is room for a 5th head on Mt. Rushmore. Allow me Albert Lee, and I will add Hendrix to my 5th spot. 🙂 And I say that at the risk of Jimmy Page putting a hex on me. Tony Colton once said that he angered Jimmy Page with a flippant remark in a radio interview once, and Jimmy called him and said that he had put a curse on Tony that was going to last x amount of years, maybe six or seven, I forget which. Page is famously rumored to dabble in the occult. Tony then claimed he developed a heroin addiction that lasted as long as the purported curse. Not sure how much I buy that one, but I think that interview with Tony may still out there on the internet somewhere.
  3. If I were picking, I probably would not have put Teddy Roosevelt on Mt. Rushmore either, but I understand why he is there. 😉 I won't fight you on that one. Had Hendrix lived longer, he would probably be on my mountain. Gone way too soon. He certainly showed us some amazing things that no one had really done before. And I reckon not many people would pick Albert Lee. I'm embarrassed to admit I didn't appreciate him that much until I got to know Tony Colton (member of Head Hands and Feet, wrote I'm No Angel among other songs) a little bit a number of years ago. Tony was the ex-husband of a friend of mine but sadly passed away a couple of years ago. Clapton and Eric Burdon were two of Tony's best friends growing up. Man, that guy had some amazing experiences and stories! Tony also lived in Greg Allman and Cher's guest house for a time back when they were married. Let's just say that everything you have heard about Gregg Allman's struggles is probably sanitized from how bad it really was.
  4. For some reason the news of his death hit me really hard yesterday. A buddy of mine who lives in Las Vegas just saw him play with Johnny Depp a month ago and said he was still amazing. For my money, Jeff Beck was the greatest guitarist of all time. Not just a rock guitarist, he was an innovator and could play any style. He's on my Mt. Rushmore of guitarists with Duane Allman, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and Albert Lee. I know it's probably blasphemy not to have Hendrix, Clapton, Page or some others on that list, but I guess there is only so much room on my mountainside.
  5. How about 3 onside kick recoveries? Plus the announcers are a hoot.
  6. File this in the painfully obvious department: with AAPL and TSLA up smartly today, feels like NQ would be up about a zillion if not for MSFT getting Old Yellered out behind the barn.
  7. And there was also Ned "The Greaseman" Riley. What ever happened to him?
  8. 8M NQ chart. Octave drawn from this morning's high to low. Shorter time frame makes for a little sloppier chart, but essentially a 5/8 move up off the low and then a pause vs. the 2/8 move up from Wed low to Thursday high on the 60M chart. The fartcall nature of markets never cease to fascinate, yet bedevil me at the same time.
  9. 11:00 a.m. bar closed right at the green 5/8 line (11903.75 actual close vs. 11904.44 green line) resulting in a nearly exact 2/8 bounce off the morning low. The suspense continues. Mr. Market needs to make up his mind soon.
  10. Edit: by "at or near green", I didn't mean green horizontal lines. I mean a positive close for the market.
  11. Playing around with the 60M NQ this morning and musing aloud. Picture perfect 5/8 (blue horizontal line down to green) move down this morning of octave drawn from Wednesday's low to Thursday's high (blue line to blue line). After a 5/8 move, I look for at least 1/8 or 2/8 counter trend move. So far, we have bounced 2/8+ back up (green line to green line), but let's see if the hourly candle closes above 2/8. After that, it's decision time--the market will either reverse down from that level to attempt to retest support, or continue up past the 2/8 move and keep seeking higher successive 1/8 levels to try eventually to head back up toward the 8/8 (blue) line. Let's see what happens if we can get to the red line at 11985-ish, which would be a 3/8 retracement. If we don't pause and reverse at 11985-12,000, then it wouldn't shock me if we kept going up and closed at or near green today. But I'm waiting to see how this 60M bar closes. Doesn't look all that great right now. Charts can be beautiful using the rear view mirror, but man, these swings can be violent.
  12. It's as if you are looking over my shoulder this week watching me trade. 🙂 What a flippin' mess.
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