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  1. TSLA, one of the Horsemen of the Nazcrapolypse, not lookin' so hot thus far in the premarket after yesterday's earnings report. Down around 8% this morning.
  2. It's this damn daylight savings time. Has completely thrown schedules into disarray this week.
  3. If memory serves, which mine rarely does, I think Nascrap intraday lows in those years were March 12 and March 9. Yesterday was the 13th. If--and that's a qualified if--yesterday's low ends up holding, pretty remarkable. Kinda like October 10-ish, which has represented a number of important tops and bottoms over the years.
  4. Not sure any comment or metaphor is necessary, but feel free if the moment strikes you. 🙂 Porn Zoom bomb forces cancellation of Fed’s Waller event https://edition.cnn.com/2023/03/02/business/zoom-bomb-christopher-waller-federal-reserve/index.html
  5. Unfortunately, waiting for a crash often feels like waiting for Godot.
  6. FOMC minutes tomorrow. The reactions to that should lend itself to a normal, measured, rational and well-reasoned trading day. 🤡
  7. It does seem stupid and meaningless and the breathless pronouncements around it are silly. As you say, they went from house prices to rents to controlled rents. I would love to see a CPI consisting solely of food, energy, transportation and taxes. That said, I guess what it continues to mean for me is to stay away until the panic move in each direction happens tomorrow morning because I will get my fingers burned no matter what I do or do not do, probably in each direction. So in that regard, I guess it has meaning. 🙂
  8. What are the implications of this? Do "they" (gub'mint, anal cysts, and the usual coterie of assorted jackals) get to lie more, less, or the same with their "words"? https://www.bls.gov/cpi/tables/relative-importance/weight-update-information-2023.htm
  9. Hey TCG, thanks for the shout out. Nice to see you as well, been wondering about your health. Back in Denver for a few days getting tax stuff ready and spending time with grandkids so not trading or posting much. Heading back to Mexico tomorrow, so will likely be posting my standard nonsensical brain droppings in a few days after I get settled in again. Just a few days here reminded me I'm too damn old and cranky to put up with Colorado winters any longer. Hope you are on the mend soon!
  10. Are all eyes and ears anxiously awaiting Lord Jaysus' obfuscating blah blah blah this afternoon so the anal cysts on Crapvision can misinterpret whatever he said and then waste loads of air time dissecting it?
  11. Perhaps the answer to your question resides in a haiku: Do not question why Ours is but to trade or die Thus sayeth Yellen
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