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  1. Ya know, I'm starting to think that being a stock market anal cyst is just like being a realtor. You only need to know two phrases to be successful. "It's a good time to buy, because it's going higher even from these lofty levels", and "It's a good time to buy, because the market is down." And you know what? With a rare exception that maybe lasts a month or so, that has been on the mark for 12+ years now. Like I said, I'm in a mood today. At least I'm godly enough to keep going long most every day. 🀑 Made my weekly target and it's only Tuesday, but man do I feel dirty and like it is undeserved. Shouldn't be this easy. Therefore, I'm heading to the beach. Maybe we get a brief directional change today or something. Catch y'all tamara!
  2. I guess it is a good thing that fundamentals do not matter to us technical trading types. Otherwise, we might look askance at trillion-dollar market cap Tesla, with its whopping choice of four EV models and five available exterior colors. GM and Ford on the other hand, global ventures with a dizzying array of models, engine technologies, and options from which to choose, have market caps of $84 and $64 billion respectively. As long as I'm in a mood today, can anyone explain why crapvision.com breathlessly reports on Cathie Wood's every move with fawning adulation? Has anyone looked at that Ark Invest's key holdings? They don't look all that innovative or cutting edge to me. But then again I'm an idiot. Pretty obvious that the older I get, the dumber I get. Would have hoped for the reverse by now, but no such luck.
  3. TSLA is pulling its end of the rope today, but the rest of the Horsemen of the Nazcrapolyse are lagging.
  4. It's Friday. Where's FloBot? And for that matter, where is MsFit Kid?
  5. Something for everybody last couple o' daze. Heading off to start the weak end early. Feel free to knock 'em down and keep 'em there until next week!
  6. Arc de Triomphes have been working well today. Here's the Double Menorrah formation on the 8M NQ. Done trading for the day. Hopefully see y'all tomorrow, or maybe Friday!
  7. Edit: sorry, that was 30M and not 60. Or, it's kind of like you throw a rock into calm water and watch the waves radiating out from the center.
  8. Playing around with a Skittles Rainbow Arcℒ️ indicator on 60M NQ this morning.
  9. Missed all the "fun" of the last couple days. Now ensconced into PullMyFinger Capital's Latin American H.Q. office/condo concrete box. Just dodged Hurricane Pamela when it took a right turn toward the mainland, so not trading much yet this week. You will have to rely on someone else for your contrarian trading signals. πŸ™‚ Looking at NQ charts this morning, I think I might be reduced to trading a 4 minute chart when I do have time to watch mr. market. This churn is making me seasick. Keep 'em down!
  10. Lee, thank you for the recommendation yesterday about Microsoft Translator. I downloaded it last night and experimented with it a little. Mrs. Finger and I are heading to Mexico next week for awhile, so I'm looking forward to trying it out. Perhaps when I am down there I can start planning a summer trip to Eastern Europe now that I can speak a multitude of computer-aided languages. πŸ™‚
  11. Wow, what a gorgeous city. Lee, question for you. The only thing worse than my Spanish (and I am embarrassed to admit I live in Mexico half the year, but I still struggle with languages) would be any Slavic language. If one were to go over and visit for a few weeks, can you generally get around in cities like Krakow and Warsaw speaking mostly English with a few words of Polish sprinkled in and be understood? Or do I need to start working on my Polish now for a visit next year? I spend most of the other half of the year at my favorite Czech bar in Denver. Some days I am the only English speaker sitting at the bar. Can't understand a dang word. Thankfully the menu is in both Czech and English. I have strong familiarity with the words Becherovka and Pilsner Urquell though. πŸ™‚
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