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  1. NQ--nice bounce off the lows. Thought it was going to turn green there for a second, but not yet I guess. Still a half hour to go so who knows. I hate days like today. Just wind up staring at my screen in a drooling stupor, too gobsmacked to trade it.
  2. There were likely others, but didn't jickiss used to say that about the bond market?
  3. If you happen to enjoy a good 20% smackdown, you might look in the general direction of GME today.
  4. "Waiting for the damn thing to break out or down" didn't even make the list. I thought #27 was a little harsh, though. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4159746/Selfies-Ed-Sheeran-boring-things.html
  5. If you are nimble of finger, quick on your feet and willing to forego sleep, there have been about a million opportunities to be long above 4223 and short below 4230 since June 4. Or, about a half million between 4218 and 4230. If my math is close, that's like 7 million points or so you could have pulled out of the market in the last week. Since I'm not nimble, quick, or sleep-deprived, it has been pretty much a snooze fest waiting for something to happen. 🙂
  6. I have a big bunch of nothin'. Well, even more than usual, and that's saying a lot. Just a bunch of ABC moves on 60M ES. Went down and pierced the 610 (olive green) EMA twice so far, but couldn't close below it, then took off in a northerly direction. Doesn't seem to like that 610 much. It ran away pretty quickly. Let's see if the 55 EMA (red line) can contain the move and turn it back down. I'm even more confused than is typically the case.
  7. So, as I type this, we are back to 4200. Does not mean nothing has happened yet? Who wants to catch me up on everything that has happened up until now? Johnny?
  8. Soybeans working on a bit of market symmetry this morning.
  9. Again, it won't shock me if I'm wrong. The Seinfeld episode where George starts doing the opposite resonates with me for good reason. Crashes are pretty rare events. I think "they", whoever they are, will do whatever they gotta do to keep the "con"fidence game going when the crunch comes. It's what they do. I guess something works until it doesn't and maybe I'm way too conditioned and complacent. The world was ending in 2001, and 2003, and 2009, and 2020, and about a zillion other times over the last few decades. And yes, one of these days, Alice, one of these days . . . bang, zoom. Based
  10. In keeping with the Zep theme, if there is a bustle in the hedgerow in the markets this summer, I just don't know how it amounts to all that much. Might even start next month for a couple of months. If we get a decent decline, maybe shave 4 or 5 thousand off the Dow over a couple of months, and rough equivalent on the S&P? I would love to be really, really wrong, which is per my usual. But I just don't see a giant decline in Dow or S&P. Maybe NAS takes more of a punch. We are living in interesting times, that's for sure. That's why I'm a subscriber. I count on you to find t
  11. YM's viagra starting to wear off. Has given up almost 50% of entire move up that started in the overnight session. Better pop another little blue pill, stat. Let's see if the channel midpoint line holds.
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