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Liz Warren Has Been Right 5/3/23

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25 minutes ago, The CoinGuy said:


Now.  Let's look at that ^HUI Chart from 2011 again?  The right shoulder in this chart is truncated...but...as mentioned, there is no difference on the backside whether this particular peak is truncated...or not.  The decline is the same.

HUI Master.jpg

Can you now see the 'larger fractal' from the ^XOI being represented here in the ^HUI?

Now, if we add the ^GSPC?  The high in the box would be the January 2022 high?

So...if I said.  Christmas of 2018 is the head?  You can begin to see why I've been saying all along we're heading back to the MAGNET?


It is the first primary decline coming off of a very large topping formation.  In the ^XOI that pattern has traced out 'starting' in '07/'08.

I only wish that market participants could understand this following statement:

1929 is the beginning of the left shoulder....74 is the head...and we just finished up the right shoulder at the close of 2021.  For those familiar with my earlier illustrations in the tech crash stocks....1x/rest/1x.  Go back and look at my The Beginning, The Middle, and The End charts and think...10x/rest/10x?  Seriously...think that through!

"As you enter INTO the formation...in the same manner you shall LEAVE."



You have given me a lot to chew on TCG but have given me lots of insight also, will need some time to put it all together...

The last part paints a scary picture...

Thanks again!

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Take your time.

When viewing my charts...please understand that you're viewing a 'moving story' that unfolds one snapshot at a time...in time.

For those who even attempt at learning something...the dividends will grow and grow.  For those who just take an occasional glance?  That's fine, but you'll probably learn nothing.

What I discuss in my charts takes time to digest...it's worth every bite if you'll only take the time.

The secret to learning from me...is this.  I give you the answers up front...and then deconstruct the problem until you can see it.  That is why I gave you the Twin Peak reference chart BEFORE the pattern was developed.

I tell you this...because 'shortly', meaning later this year...I'm going to hit you with the next dose of insanity that will carry us another 18 months.  I'm already working on the charts...

In the future...if you send me a note. 

Just let me know if you want a private response or not(that goes for anyone).  Just assume...if you don't say anything...the response will be public.  I'm here for educational purposes...and I'll never pass up an opportunity to pass on 'a little insight' to everyone unless instructed otherwise.

The scary picture? 

I want to see the suits response exactly where I've outlined(in the ^GSPC) before I start to pick up my brush and paint 'scary pictures'.  

At this moment...I'm only showing what I do believe is possible, and quite probable.  I, for one....would appreciate an exact repeat of 2008(when despite ALL patterning behavior that I am utilizing suggests otherwise?).  Because, to me...that is the best case scenario.

These gentlemen in Washington are quite adept at kicking the can...perhaps they can go one more round?

Although...the consensus from 'my crowd' is not of certainty...but fear.  The concern lies in what this country will look like if they do.  Not if they don't.

Take care everyone...

The CoinGuy

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From October 13th to May 1st is how many days?

I looked through the archives here on Capitalstool and my archives on our server.  I posted here up until the 21st of April.  Most of the charts I've produced since have been for private consumption...but I have a few I can toss out there.   You might get something out of them...you might not.

I have a file folder on the server called "ROUGH"...it's where I keep my rough drafts of what I plan on expanding on in the future.  I saw something in there that caught my eye.  It has to do with the ^HUI...I'll come back at a later time when I've developed the chart and have a comment or two.

Ok...Onto a chart or three...maybe even half a dozen

I'm just going to start commenting and I'm going to keep commenting 'off the cuff' until I get tired.  When I'm tired?  I'll see you somewhere down the road.

I believe I've already mentioned I have several former students who like to hang around the 'nest'. 

The conversation as of late has been centered around the banks.  Bank of America(BAC) has been coming up more than most for some reason.  Probably because of the weakness being displayed in the chart.  I think they're seeing vulnerability here...

Out of the larger banks...it's toward the leading edge in this current decline.  Especially when I start to consider the 'shadow banking' system.  You know...the guys in the background?  Although, most have not crossed the line of no return - yet. 

I repeatedly made sure you were aware of this line back when BTC and ETH were sitting just above the edge.   Now...I'm showing you BLK straddling the same line.

With that said...here is a chart of BTC in a comparison chart against BLK.  Before viewing this chart though...please recall my recent introduction to...Wave Pattern Distortion.  This.  Is a perfect example. 1984204278_BTCvsBLKDailyComparison-April242023.thumb.jpg.211e0b7d52be30ca55c026031460c44f.jpg

The chart is a couple of weeks old now...and...we're currently drawing near to the line.  Once broken...under 400 is where she ought to come in for a nice landing.  Oh...and BAC?   Anything south of 17.50 means serious trouble.

Since we've mentioned BTC, I'll toss out this chart of the Russell 2000.  Better be watching that line carefully...


I had  someone ask me about tech.  I believe during the beginning phases of the tech wreck, the ARK Innovation ETF was mentioned daily as some form of poster child for the excess coming out of the 2020 lows. 

When I answered the question...I first took a close look at the full decline against the Nasdaq 2000 crash just as I did earlier today...

Here we have the 2000 Nasdaq crash on the left vs.  ARKK on the right:


and then I jumped up into the topping formation itself to have a go against what I've been viewing in the ^DJI as it finishes it's second wave. 

'Divide and Conquer', 'Wave Pattern Distortion', and Inversions...it's all right there for your viewing pleasure.  Smile...

The ^DJI is on the left...ARKK on the right:


I also had several people asking about short funds

I've commented on these leveraged funds several times now.  I don't personally use this type of vehicle....and....anything over 1.5x leverage will never receive any form of endorsement from ol' CoinGuy.  Although, I know people are going to do what they're going to do and they might as well do it with as much information as possible.

With  that said...

I've discussed the following bottoming pattern with you in regards to the gold stocks bottoming back in '02/'03...and as of late in the ^TNX chart as well as what is about to take place in the ^HUI. 

This is the chart I passed along to one of my former students...while telling him to pull back whatever he's looking at on the daily, make sure it has this formation, AND...that it's as fully developed as this pattern here.  If it is? 

Tight stops...even if they're mental stops.


I'm going to repeat myself in regards to this pattern.  It is the most powerful bottoming pattern I personally know of.   If you're reading this and you're young?  Just spend the rest of your life hunting down this pattern...waiting with patience until it's fully developed...deposit a couple of seeds and then move on.  If it's sector wide...just pick the two strongest issues within that sector and then move along.

April 13th is the opposite day of the year from?

I'll conclude with the ^HUI chart of the MOEX.  Huh?  What? 

I'll repeat as I always do...


Think it through.  Seriously...


Think it through.  Always study.  Never give up.

See you on the flipside...

The CoinGuy

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7 hours ago, The CoinGuy said:


I took a look back to familiarize myself with the current discussion.  I wish I hadn't.  If I did have something to say...I would only be echoing the sentiments of PH and would note...well said, PH.  If I was to add...

I know it is NOT easy, but always be slow to anger...and quick to apologize.

From my perspective.  You're going to need each other going forward...

Now...more than ever...you need the ability to understand and comprehend the world around you from multiple perspectives.  This isn't a weakness...but strength.  Be forgiving...



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Is it me or does the destruction of the regionals have a sort of controlled implosion feel to it.

Which should make JPM's future share price chart look like

"A stairway to heaven"

The fear and loathing bank ETF needs to be renamed

Either "The Controlled implosion ETF"

Or "The stairway to heaven" ETF 


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