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  1. Doc, Who interviewed who? I wanted to congratulate you on another interview, but I have to admit... The interview...essentially left me speechless. I want to comment, but frankly...I've never heard anything like this in my lifetime. I simply don't know what to say... Best Regards The CoinGuy
  2. Today...not seeing anything that isn't expected... Best Regards, The CoinGuy
  3. I'm going to mention again...ever so lightly. My gut, even before I looked at the chart is still telling me 4160 is the first position of interest. Best, TCG
  4. As I grow older, this is where I find the most value. In the markets...and...life. Best, TCG
  5. Interesting. So...if that is true, I must be insane. I don't mind...in the world we find ourselves today...it's hard not to be a little crazy. Smile, TCG
  6. PH... I'm not sure which call that was. Always...looking forward. Never looking back. I spoke to Doc when I returned to CapitalStool... I'm dealing with several health issues and might be in and out for the next few months, back and forth for awhile, not to mention...I expect gold and silver to be slow for a little while longer. When they do pick up...I'll be moving over to Stool's Gold, I'll have a prior student or two join me...I believe both are/were posters from the previous era. 2002-2010. Please make sure to join us... Best, TCG oh...and... I said I'd drop in when I consider the timing to be "in a timely manner". Today...is a timely manner. I've been doing my best to be subtle, but I think I may be too subtle at times.
  7. PH, First of all... Thanks for the compliment...I'm appreciative. Second. It might be a little hard to understand where I'm coming from because I use no fundamentals(or indicators) in price discovery. While, I don't disagree with you in the 1998-2022 period(with some discretion towards a 1:1 ratio)...it's just a parameter I don't use in my analysis of prices going forward. Is there a direct correlation? I'd need more data before I agreed to this statement because I can remember in the early years when silver was trading below production costs. If I recall...2001 would be an example. I personally put this type of analysis in the Silver:Gold ratio category. Interesting fact, nice to know, but I don't know if it's ever going to help you make Coin. From my perspective PH...the less facts I know....the more Coin I make. This has been true for 5 decades, but the last 3...more so. I'd imagine an interview with me...we'd be twiddling thumbs after 10 minutes. Straight technician...no fundamentals need apply. I was taught quite well...to be a machine, not much more. Smile. Best, TCG Doc...you always seem a little grumpy to me. Smile.
  8. PH... Cost of production has zero bearing on the past/present/future price of silver. Best, TCG
  9. 3 hours and 20 minutes? What the...Holy Smokes. Now...that's an interview. I'll give a listen over the weekend. TCG
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