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  1. We await the pattern when the Bronto is facing left and his hind end is facing the right. Well I do anyway.
  2. Lee do you remember how you found out that last years budget bill stipulated reducing the Treasury account to $133bn by the end of year? Did TBAC mention it. That is the only way I can figure out that anyone would know. It was a profoundly dumb thing to do but nobody ever mentions it. Except maybe TBAC which has been urging a $500bn balance for years. Who did it and why I am sure we will never know. I would guess 99.9% of congress doesn't have the slightest idea about it.
  3. I'm going 100% into SpaceGrime tokens. Be there or be square. https://spacegrime.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/05/SpaceGrime-Whitepaper.pdf
  4. Why don't we see any patterns where the hind end of the Bronto is on the right?
  5. They can't pull off a two day epic VIX crush to end the week and month can they? Seems ridiculous.
  6. To answer my own question, nothing is great about US Treasury securities. They suck for reasons far to many to mention here.
  7. Fed #2 Clarida says it is near the time when discussion of reducing QE is approaching. I can't quote directly as there is no cut and paste on my newswire thingy but as mealy mouthed as that is it suggests to me they are actually clueless.
  8. I saw on the wire the other day somebody saying they are sticking with their BTC $500,000 call. Why not?
  9. That shouldn't be a problem. Using a currency to pay for stuff is so old fashioned.
  10. TNX gaps up with stocks selling off. Not good. Something is wrong. Control is being lost.
  11. I think my simple forensics view was the correct one. Learned from the Dr mind you. Of course it makes sense to be nervous when stocks and Treasuries fall for that suggests trouble, somewhere. Now they are both flying. It's funny what $XXX billion can do.
  12. What's this I hear about interest rates rising? https://fred.stlouisfed.org/series/MORTGAGE30US
  13. Do you owe $460bn? That will take care of the Treasury this quarter.
  14. One has to assume that a broad range of assets can deflate. Deal with it. They should deflate.
  15. A funny one yesterday came over the wire as some Fedhead said residential RE inflation is of no concern because it isn't fueled by leverage. Oke dokee.
  16. Simple forensics say the wildly overbought condition is cured at the perfect time of the month with max liquidity from the Feds MBS settlements starting and $55bn Bill paydowns this week.
  17. I think you'd be hard pressed the last 20 years to find days with sharp stock selloffs that were not accompanied by fall in Treasury rates. I would guess that now everyone who is selling is looking to get in on the next 50 bagger to 'invest' in.
  18. The bond market isn't buying the BLS number. Well what they are buying and what the BLS is selling is a story about a story.
  19. http://www.capitalstool.com/forums/index.php?/topic/15037-beware-the-barfing-brontosaurus-11421/&do=findComment&comment=950667
  20. I mean last Thursday's clown car of a market is hard to understand without margin calls and a mini liquidity problem being part of it. Today as well.
  21. There must have been a few big bubble stocks that got creamed today right? I don't see why there are not more bear raids on over leveraged hedge funds and traders like Archegos. If you get my drift. I'm guessing or assuming recent action is because of margin calls on specific players.
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