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  1. Well some problem is needed so the Fed can start printing, expanding its balance sheet, again. The world is begging for more money. It will get it sooner or later. Make that sooner. The Feds balance sheet is a polite fiction. Believing in balance sheets is so yesterday. So Enlightenment. That's over.
  2. My My first two lessons in spy school. Trust no one. Assume nothing.
  3. It was plastered all over the Wall Street Journal a few days ago that Trump intends to alter the Fed so Jerry and the boys and the entire world are on notice. https://www.msn.com/en-us/money/markets/trumps-team-wants-to-restructure-the-fed-and-let-him-have-a-say-on-interest-rate-decisions-wsj/ar-AA1nIURc
  4. "What's My Line, with John Daly, Bennet Cerf, Arlene Francis, Steve Allen and Kitty Kilgallen " That was Kitty Carlisle but she was on To Tell the Truth. It was Dorothy Kilgallen who was on What's My Line. Tomorrow we can cover Gisele MacKenzie and Anna Maria Alberghetti. Unless you want to delve into Kilgallen's odd link in Kennedy assassination theories.
  5. "with collections that day more than double the norm for the date. The source of this is unknown. Its quantum liquidity I tell you. Good old fashioned Newtonian liquidity just isn't going to cut it anymore.
  6. It's a bit late but you might want to revisit the numbers of your first post today.
  7. Remember what they say. The market has an oil roof.
  8. With around $800 billion in the Treasury account as of last Wednesday why they borrowed anything this week escapes me. Force of habit?
  9. This isn't the market rounding the bases after a grand slam. It's David Bote rounding the bases after hitting a grand slam with 2 outs and 2 strikes in the bottom of the ninth his team behind 3 to nothing.
  10. We're supposed to believe that we are on the cusp of quantum liquidity. Place your bets.
  11. BOJ makes first rate hike in 17 years. https://www.reuters.com/markets/asia/japan-poised-end-negative-rates-closing-era-radical-policy-2024-03-18/
  12. I figure once they get this AI figured out the market will go up every day. Mars, here we come.
  13. This AI, or to be more accurate AGI and ASI madness if it continues, is going to need a lot of compute. Compute is the current term used in AI circles to mean the computers to develop and then perform the AI. A lot of compute. A lot of money to be borrowed and I would operate on the assumption that every bank in the US today has a green light to lend for AI. Like every bank has lent to oil drillers for 25 years. Oh sure, there have been dozens of billions of defaults. So what? It isn't even a flesh wound. Billions, trillions, whatever. The US with it's continuing record output has totally rewritten the global supply demand balance.
  14. The worlds richest people and corporations are in the thrall of visions of being like gods. At the vanguard of a million years of evolution, ready to take on the solar system and then beyond. For all humanity, and all fate to boot of course. If not gods at least kings. How wonderful. For some reason unlimited energy is always baked into these things but never mind that. More energy isn't on the way despite the hype but in the meantime more money will be and a lot will be needed to build out our robot overlords and Mars colonies. I mean a lot of money. That's why crypto is so hot. People want more money and there isn't a way for the banking system with all that old 15th century double entry bookkeeping can supply it. Crypto is a zany way to do it but people are desperate for more money. How about Amazon or Tesla bucks? The sky is the limit on this money thing. Visions of galactic scale liquidity suggest caution.
  15. If you don't know, the world is all bulled up by AI. That's because AGI is coming probably this year and when someone has that that then ASI will not be far behind. What's ASI you ask?
  16. Boy is sure seems like we need a lot more money. In fact is seems like we are getting a lot more money but from where? It's not too hard to daydream about money in the 9 digits going to 10 by the slip of a bit, anywhere in the world, and whose the wiser. In the real world RRP has flat lined. And where is the missing tax revenue?
  17. There is no need to mention QE, it's a given. Let's not forget last Springs bank bailouts. Numbers 3 and 4 of the biggest of all time. No sweat. Some little fly buzzing around easily swatted away. The chances of a lack of liquidity, as the system now operates, is zero. This rally is just the preQE run up, is a good way to tell a story. TNX doubling? Right, and I'm the king of Sweden.
  18. Lee, I will say the timing of your moving from the US was impeccable. I've no interest in leaving. I am attached to the geography. Whatever befalls the US I can't imagine that Europe wouldn't be far behind. Well now that I think about it, yes the US could be worse, and probably first.
  19. I see on the internet that Stanley Cups are the new sensation in women's travel accessories so I looked it up and this is the first thing I saw. That's one ugly woman and that cup doesn't look too handy. This report in lieu of market nonsense and just as useful.
  20. There is a scandal at Tesla. Elon's rampant drug use.
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