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  1. You know what's coming...and it's not a new high in the SPX. The 12th was it... Strap in. TCG
  2. A bit of red in the pre-market, although...I'd like to see a higher high today if they can swing it. If they can't...no big deal...the date(2008) I'm using is from a leap year. So, why today? Because today just feels right... Today. Is the day... TCG
  3. Yom Tov... You need to dig MUCH deeper...I'll point you in the right direction. Leap Year before it was February 29th? Ever read the 'Prophecy of St. Malachy'? How many popes did he believe were left? This is one half of what? I also should mention...how many popes are left on that list now? Here a little, there a little until it all comes into view. Best Regards, The CoinGuy
  4. oh...and...uh. I forgot to mention something on the 20th. So, here goes. What do you mean reverse triangles? I don't like to leave owing someone a Gold Star. Therefore,,,I'm going to post two simple charts, plus a Thought or two while asking you to dig a little to find all the gold within. Interesting, that were rallying right into the holiday. Reminds me of 2018 where we crashed into the same. Here is a chart with a line from the October 13th, 2022 low. I believe that was the low we dubbed, the "suspicious low of 2022.". Now. Why did I draw a line there and why would that be worthy of a Gold Star chart? "Our current advance from the October 13th low is only an inverse mirror of the decline from the January 2022 peak to the October 13 low." Use what I taught you...and study this until you fully understand and can SEE it for yourself. Once you do understand. Take a look at this next chart. The essence of 'The Dust in the Wind'... IF I said when viewing the 2018 crash low(to the peak in January of 2022) and our current peak..."From here, you'll have one large decline and a sharp ensuing rally...then a large more pronounced decline that would rival the secondary leg of the '29 crash? You could perhaps SEE it? No? What if I add this... "The Future is only a Reverse Image of the Past!?" When viewing both charts...Can you begin to understand? Study until you do. NO Mathematics needed... I truly wish you all the best going forward. The CoinGuy oh...and... On what day did Pope Gregory XIII announce the new Gregorian calendar? Think! Study! Never give up...
  5. This is the (secondary)peak of the largest stock market bubble in world history. As of today...and I know today well. All markets are right on schedule... While dated...no changes to the BIM 5.0. It is right here where you need to make the correct decisions, this market will NOT be coming back in your lifetime. Best of luck... The CoinGuy oh...and... I've reviewed this last version of the BIM 5.0 this afternoon. I consider all general target prices to be 100% accurate. If I was asked to add or update any portion of this commentary...I would probably just refer you back to my prior comment a month or so ago in regards to MSFT back below 350. There is NOTHING to change/add/update from the original targets...I never change a forecast once made....there usually is no need. For my precious goldbugs, I'll reiterate. 192. Once rejected, below 160...protect yourself. For the love of God...protect yourself. Triple digits I consider a given. While I normally don't comment on bonds...the TLT will trade ABOVE 172.
  6. I'm pulling this comment...for now. I need to see more in the chart. TCG
  7. You're now in the...Event...I spoke of in the "Dust in the Wind" Chart. Click Here 2020 was the first ripple. Here comes the second. The CoinGuy
  8. WTF... The fruit on that tree is very ripe... If there is an emergency. Just send me a pm and I'll show up sooner or later and Doc has my private e-mail address. Again... Best of luck to all. The CoinGuy
  9. Deflationary Depression? I am in complete agreement. In the SPX, I have been watching for a peak on the two-year anniversary of the high in the ^IXIC, which is the 22nd(and perhaps a gap fill from the August 2, 2023 gap?)...but it could come in early. Rest assured you better have plans after this turn because you're heading into the drink. The "Twin Peaks" Formation is now complete and the secondary peak does not usually make a new high...although, it is possible, but the odds are low. This peak is where you walk away from all other patterns and follow the conclusion of the "Twin Peaks" specifically. I'll get right to the point....a literal nightmare is unfolding right before your eyes. The pattern is now complete. In July I was adamant about this advance from the October 13, 2022 lows being akin to the secondary advance(to the peak) in the Cryptocurrencies...both numerically...and psychologically speaking. So... With my "parting shot" I'll say this. Bring up BTC from June 21, 2021 to the "secondary peak" at November 9, 2021. Now...take a look at MSFT from its November 4, 2022 low to the secondary peak were attempting to put in at this very moment. Please note the pattern... Once you're back through 350, it's game on IN ALL MARKETS. 225 will be the first point of rest. Have ZERO concern with NVDS. You're traveling with me and I'm not in the business of guessing. I won't be here at 2,240 to 2,250 in the SPX...You'll soon see me popping up in some other fashion. Please remember. This market will not resolve itself...for years. Everything you need going forward is in my charts in the archives. Nothing new is needed... Best of luck to all. The CoinGuy oh...and... I have again looked over the BIM 5.0...it's dated, but it still stands. What you want to watch for is this. 1,920 in the ^XOI AND the GLD(at 192). These are walls...IF those walls are broken, you have to respect them. If each market falters....then you know the truth as to where both of them are going...and...don't forget the SPX IS in the same boat....4800 times 4 is? 192? No one, not one bothered to ask. Why? I'll say it again. Everywhere in this market right now. Look for 35/70...it is the KEY to the stock market. For my goldbug friends. Gold(and silver) can decouple here, but the likelihood is quite low. As of this moment, I believe we're going to walk with the broad market through one more decline...then walk away, but I could be wrong. 192 in the GLD will tell you the truth...let everyone else be a liar. If the GLD walks the path of the BIM 5.0 it will take you completion.
  10. I already mentioned I expected a rally(based on fear), but...I do believe we might have found some common ground...I expect that rally "at a minimum" to be completely retraced before I take a look for myself. Although...as mentioned. Part of my back room is putting ships in the water. My thoughts are akin to my UUP/TLT comparison chart(posted a couple of weeks back). That High Energy spike has to be retraced sooner or later. I expect later....as in...starting in 2025 or later. They will cover their positions at 2,250 on the SPX. Not a moment before... Gotta run gentlemen... Best Regards, The CoinGuy
  11. I'd imagine that "legion of securities" pales in comparison to the number of traders who have found the same. From my perspective....an exponential increase in both statistics is just around the corner. I saw them drop like flies in 2000 and again in 2008...those will be a walk in the park in comparison to what has already started - in July, as stated. TCG
  12. I started typing out my reasoning on the matter...and then realized I simply don't care enough about bonds to waste my breath. Pehaps. Well. Perhaps I should follow what my gut's been telling me for a year or so... Ciao. TCG
  13. You have a retest in progress at the moment....TLT above 84.20 is bullish. Be careful. From my read of the tea leaves...there is a possibility of an event setting up here. Everything else is percolating nicely. Currently...my eyes are glued to the ^XOI...it's my canary for all markets. TCG oh...and... ^RUT looking downright sickly...
  14. When the reversals come...better respect the direction because the hits will keep on coming. I myself am watching the ^XOI closely for a triple top...or an explosion out of the wall at 1,920. Across ALL markets...the dominoes are lining up. We're getting close...to something. The CoinGuy
  15. My days of charting are, uh...over. If I feel the need to comment...I'll jot down some words and leave it at that. Here's a few words now... The GLD is setting up the right shoulder of a head & shoulders from the May 4th peak...it's not going anywhere. As stated many times(please see the BIM 5.0)...the first target is the November 4, 2022 lows. Nothing has changed...nor will it change until all objectives are met. The ^HUI is having a tough time of it at 224 to 225...as it should. 225 is major resistance. As mentioned...it'll drop 100 from here with relative ease. 125 is....well...I think for some reason I like that 110 area better. I don't have a copy of the BIM right here so I can't remember what I said, but looking at the chart...I'd like to see 110 get hit. Broad markets... If you've been waxing bullish...4160 is your last safe stop to get off the bus. After that...well, those downtown streets might be a little meaner than you're used to. If you're observant of the uptrend line from the October 13, 2022 lows? Once it breaks...the odds of 4160 cracking are just about 100%. So...why bother waiting? Smile. See you at the target... TCG
  16. I'll re-post the UUP chart yet again... to make a point. More than 100% is coming... soon. The CoinGuy
  17. October 6th going into October 7th... How many months and how many days until the end of the year? See you at 2,24(x) to 2,25(x) in the ^GSPC. The CoinGuy
  18. I'm going to leave this for an old friend. The topping pattern at the conclusion of a supercycle is going to resemble all the topping patterns before it. We are currently playing out the peak from '08 with extreme precision. Although...it does not stop there. That was only the beginning... Here is a current chart of the ^GSPC with an arrow at the 8.16.22 peak. Then...I'm going to take the peak from 8.16.22 and reverse it. Why? With the next chart...it should become clear. Then...I'm going to repeat my statement from early in 2022, but change the date to another period in time. "Was 2000 all that long ago?" Here is the truth. "Only a supercycle event WILL PRODUCE the secondary decline." This is why Russia MUST be monitored closely...it is the leader of this cycle. Whatever happens to them WILL happen to ALL other markets in the world. I am 100% convinced that their market is a foreshadow of things to come... They are currently two steps ahead of our market's here in the US. If they eventually take out their recent lows...the target is 425(+25/-25). If they don't...a stick save may be produced. Although...at this time...I do not believe this to be the case. I also believe the sticksave in the US will only worsen the situation...eventually. We shall see...soon. Our 2.17 to 2.24 Moex decline phase in the US is currently underway. There is no waiting to see if I'm incorrect...it started when I said it did back in July. Now. Let's get back to discussing the peak in the chart above. Think about Gold in this timeframe I have outlined in the chart above...where(and why) did it separate? For you this should be like a walk in the park...don't strive so hard. One day at a time...Patience. Ok...2,240 to 2,250 it is. TCG oh...and... For those who like gold stars... You see those three peaks in the GLD on the right side of the chart in the post above this one? Notice how the peak is on the left side, then the secondary peak is lower...and the third peak is lower still? Strange? No. It's telling...very telling. Now. Go over to TSLA and look at those three peaks in late 2021 and early 2022? Where did the primary decline bottom? 100? Think! Study! Never Give Up! If a person would only study the "Dust in the Wind" Chart... Our current set of peaks in 2000, 2008, and 2022...are only echoes of other peaks - in time. It's so beautiful I cried as I put that chart together. No one even took a look. The future...is right there in front of your eyes. Yet you refuse to see it... Again. Think! Study! Never Give Up! So. What is the GLD telling you with it's lower successive peaks? It's nesting for a primary 3rd wave crash. Just flip the chart and rotate it 180...it's quite easy to see.
  19. NVDS. It's not too late. 😉 Gotta run... TCG oh...and... I felt bad having left without mentioning gold and silver. You're now BACK on the trendline. The break through will cause acceleration... In the pit of despair...a new bull market in the metals will be born. Since most people that trade gold don't understand it...and they sure as hell don't understand silver either...I'll mention this. When GOLD slips into a free fall(not silver or the shares), then you KNOW the end is near. I warned early...and I warned often. I don't want to leave gold on this note... I'm going to add this. From day one...I said Gold was in a bubble did I not? If I post this chart here with two date labels on the peaks and tell you to think of the S&P...does it give you a direct connection to my internal dialog? THINK IT THROUGH to its conclusion... 2009...will...come my fellow goldbugs. Quickly. The reality of my wall at 1,920 has to play out first. Then. It's Blue Skies. Gold will not go despite the efforts of the current goldbugs, which is a group I personally reject...it will go up despite them. The fight will come at 100. I will take on all comers... NOW...you understand the path. All YOU have to do...is Believe. Simply...believe.
  20. Doc... The 600 - 1200 oscillation... I addressed this thought a long time ago. As I mentioned then...all you have to do is make new highs and these three charts become worthless. 10x - rest - 10x to completion. Just as in '29, no further market advances until all excess has been drained from the system...then, a New Deal will be proposed. This time...a New World Order. I'll stand by this until its proven incorrect. I have zero doubt...that I will not be held to account. Boy...that anniversary of the October 13th low is coming around quick. Time. Flies. Best, TCG
  21. BLK is a representative of the plague that is hindering mankind at every turn... FTW... Please understand that the magnet in ALL issues was stated as "will be touched". I said clearly..."2,240 to 2,250 on the SPX will be touched". This is ONLY an initial target zone that is equated with "a two step decline". If they give it to you in one step....the target will be much much lower. Based on historical data at the time of research...I felt they would give this to us in two steps. Hence the call...but no guarantee. I'll be there at 2,240 to 2,250 to make further assessments that "at that time" will prove to be correct going forward, but NOT until that time. I want to see the whites of their eyes before I squeeze the trigger. I will tell you now. 2,24(x) to 2,25(x) has NOTHING to do with the stock market, it never has. If I said it this way...would it be clearer for you? 2024 to 2025? The only difference between me and the rest of the crowd is that I dropped the illusion(or delusion) of free markets a long time ago. I'll close with this... Russia. Russia. Russia. See the struggle at 3,250? I said Russia will lead the whole world into the pit...and I meant it. Let the retail investor brag...let them boast...you make Coin. If you purchased what we discussed, you'll do well. Until 2,240 to 2,250 then... Wait...why did I ever mention this number to begin with? The MAGNET? No? It's the area where you sober up...and start to think of a new direction AHEAD of the retail crowd. Clear heads make Coin. The rest...well, I think you already know. Sheep for the slaughter... TCG oh...and... For those who can't read charts. In the US...we are now heading into Russia's "2.24" decline. The first day of the decline was on what day? Gen 7:11. This morning...I reviewed the BIM 5.0. The only deviation I surmise is that the ^XOI rallied from support at 1,600 and as long as it can't break 1,920 and hold it...the original thought is still in play. IF it goes wrong...1,920 will tell you that it's going wrong. 1,920 is the final arbiter of truth. Smile. There is no reason to repeat, but I will... "All issues that struggle at 1,920.00 will fall to one of three places...". So... "All issues that struggle" and "So...About half?" Just as we discussed before these events took place..are in play. "All you have to do...is Believe." Study "Fine Art" AND "The Great Unwind Companion Chart 1b".
  22. Training is much more difficult for those who teach it...than those who receive it. Nice words Doc... "When the retail investor becomes the expert...the only thing you can do is step aside..." Going forward...I see zero need for changes to the BIM 5.0. I'll drop back in on the exact day we touch 2,240 to 2,250 on the ^GSPC. Just as my 'Twin Peaks' formation was 100% accurate before it developed... "All You Have to do is Believe." "So...About Half?" and... Russia! Russia! Russia! Unfortunately, will be 100% correct as well... At the end of the decline, please remember the words I arrived with in early 2022... "This is not a one and done like 2008". It is only the beginning, there will be ZERO resolution in these markets until well into the 2030's. With patience...you'll get there in one piece. Well. Until 2,240 to 2,250 then... The CoinGuy TLT: Not worth your time. Way too many other opportunities out there. Not to mention...it hasn't bottomed yet. Although, "to some degree" I do believe it will frustrate the bears as well as the bulls this go around. Meaning...the decline will be lightly truncated.
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