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  1. It doesn't mean much but Ye Olde US Dollar isn't looking so good.
  2. It's just not rising is all. The inflation hedge thing you know. Not seeming to be kicking in. Since I am pretty much out of the lives of young people I have no clue how many are getting wiped out. Jimi you must know some.
  3. Buttcoins not picking up the slack. I wanted to cue up '1983 A Merman I Should Turn To Be' but YouTube doesn't seem to have it.
  4. I think a crash has to be quantified. Actually I hate even thinking about it. A crash to me is when the lights don't go on.
  5. I think we have the makings of another geologic formation.
  6. This CoinBase conference should be a thrill for masochists', and sadists. https://www.coindesk.com/consensus2022/
  7. So much for ending the string of lower lows. Bulls had so much hope at noon. Pick any timeframe you want.
  8. I've got things to do because summer is here but I am stuck watching the end of Western civilization.
  9. It was 80 degrees at midnight in Michigan last night. It's never 80 at midnight in Michigan. It's rarely ever 80 in Michigan in May at all. Adding to the feeling that things just seem, off.
  10. You've been missing out on wall to wall Brady and Curry commercials touting CoinDesk. https://www.coindesk.com/price/bitcoin/
  11. They say the Devils Tower was a giant fast growing tree, in a Jack and the beanstalk sort of way, that a bear tried to climb to catch some kids, and left those claw marks. Seem about as plausible as a group of people can control the economy with monetary policy.
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