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  1. Well I started to run from a shower the other day and realized I can't run anymore. I'm thinking Musk might go into Crypto. If Jerry and the boys won't inflate things then he will. Obviously Tesla is the biggest con of all history. It might be hard to get the mind around but this inflation of assets is, according to plan, just getting started. How else can we get to Mars? When hasn't this monetary mania gone according to plan. Hard to bet against it.
  2. I'm thinking AI using data on every millisecond will pretty much be able to keep the averages rising forever.
  3. It's just going to keep on going up until the shooting starts.
  4. Nothing to worry about. All the plates are up and spinning.
  5. It's looking like it might be really big shew.
  6. You don't see that too often. On my feed anyway. A gap on the ES 1 minute chart between 8:29 an 8:30. 4 points or so. Probably an error.
  7. Michael Jordan card sells for $2.928 million at auction. "Words can simply not express the historical significance and the importance of this card,"
  8. At what time are Treasury auctions trades executed? Ideally rates rise into auction and fall after. If your a dealer that is and it often works that way but I have no scorecard.
  9. Well some problem is needed so the Fed can start printing, expanding its balance sheet, again. The world is begging for more money. It will get it sooner or later. Make that sooner. The Feds balance sheet is a polite fiction. Believing in balance sheets is so yesterday. So Enlightenment. That's over.
  10. My My first two lessons in spy school. Trust no one. Assume nothing.
  11. It was plastered all over the Wall Street Journal a few days ago that Trump intends to alter the Fed so Jerry and the boys and the entire world are on notice. https://www.msn.com/en-us/money/markets/trumps-team-wants-to-restructure-the-fed-and-let-him-have-a-say-on-interest-rate-decisions-wsj/ar-AA1nIURc
  12. "What's My Line, with John Daly, Bennet Cerf, Arlene Francis, Steve Allen and Kitty Kilgallen " That was Kitty Carlisle but she was on To Tell the Truth. It was Dorothy Kilgallen who was on What's My Line. Tomorrow we can cover Gisele MacKenzie and Anna Maria Alberghetti. Unless you want to delve into Kilgallen's odd link in Kennedy assassination theories.
  13. "with collections that day more than double the norm for the date. The source of this is unknown. Its quantum liquidity I tell you. Good old fashioned Newtonian liquidity just isn't going to cut it anymore.
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