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  1. I mean last Thursday's clown car of a market is hard to understand without margin calls and a mini liquidity problem being part of it. Today as well.
  2. There must have been a few big bubble stocks that got creamed today right? I don't see why there are not more bear raids on over leveraged hedge funds and traders like Archegos. If you get my drift. I'm guessing or assuming recent action is because of margin calls on specific players.
  3. There is a little story out that Musk can exercise some stock options because some metrics were met. The gross value of the stocks at current levels was said to be $32bn. It seems that Tesla has built about one million cars in total now. That means that for every car Tesla ever sold Musk now has grossed $32,000, in addition to whatever he has gotten previously. It's completely absurd of course. I saw some Musk story the other day with the headline saying 'Musk says it's too late'. I guess he's talking about too late for planet earth or something. I never read such things but I did no
  4. They are going to inflate everything baby. Enough get Elon's disciples to Mars. After that? Got me.
  5. There is a lot of other stuff to buy besides stocks. Somebody paid $3mil for a Lebron rookie card. Have you looked at the ag commodities?
  6. I came across this the other day. Perhaps the greatest newspaper headline in history. I can't find a link to it anymore via Google so I suggest people save it for themselves and posterity.
  7. I'm trying to figure out why the Fed would be borrowing $130bn via coupon issues on Friday when on the other hand they are desperately trying to shrink their balance by paying down bills.
  8. This is a big deal. It would be a bigger deal if it was in the NY Times but that couldn't happen. The Times sets the narrative for the whole of the chattering classes about money and the financial markets and its narrative is more, always more, because that is the home town industry. It's shocking even WaPo would go here because Jerry and the Fed absolutely reject the premise. I mean to suggest that Bezos doesn't deserve to be the world richest man. Why that's heresy. Mark my words this is a tipping point. Day one mind you. Let's see if anyone asks Jerry about it tomorrow. I
  9. Rut row. The Washington Post just published a story the defies belief. They actually said it. The lede "The Fed helped fuel a stock market boom that benefited wealthy Americans and left behind everyone else" The story is paywalled for me but no need to read it except it breaks the unwritten rule which is never mention this. Here is the link while it lasts. https://www.washingtonpost.com/us-policy/2021/04/26/federal-reserve-interest-rates-inequality/ Jeff Bezos WaPo by the way. The NY TImes would never publish such a thing. How it got into WaPo is a mystery. People neve
  10. OMG! We haven't been this low since last Wednesday.
  11. Impressive display. Oil Treasuries stocks just about anything you can name rising. Good as it gets right here I think. Wish I would have listened to myself two years ago when I said they were going to inflate this mofo no matter what. Thank God it isn't Trump. Anyhow American love asset inflation like life itself. Asset inflation is the American dream. Not all that other stuff. Being against asset inflation in America is like being against gravity.
  12. Except the bag in question is full of US Treasury securities. Not exactly toxic but there is just too much of the stuff to clear the market at this price.
  13. I always liked: Give a man a fish and he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish and he spends half of the rest of his life sitting in a boat drinking beer.
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