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  1. Interesting... I would have never figured you for a market efficiency guy... If markets are efficient, then all information is already incorporated into the price, and so there is no way to "beat" the market because there are no undervalued or overvalued securities available.
  2. XOI following 5/2005 to 5/2008... ⏲️TTMF... gap at 600 will be filled...
  3. NVDA is in a mania... keep it on your radar fxfox, the downside will be just as profitable as the upside.
  4. Foot Locker (FL)... fun to watch, if you like train wrecks. I'm sure just an isolated stock... nothing to see here, move along people... as everyone on Bloomberg knows, THE CONSUMER IS RESILIENT!!!
  5. Per TD Ameritrade - NVDA: Corporate insiders sold a net $191.6M of stock in the last 3 months... probably just needed a little walking around money.
  6. Volmageddon... it's not just for breakfast anymore... tick tock ⏰
  7. 400 is the key... then it's all air down to the gap fill at 315... but... back to the breakout (BTTB) of 275 will be where the first real bounce will be... it will be strong (possibly back to 400), but it will not hold... there will be several more violent rallies along the way to its bottom at 75... happy AI-ing!!!
  8. Per CNN: China’s Evergrande files for bankruptcy... 🦴💦
  9. A lot of people thought the RMS Titanic was unsinkable... can now be seen at 12,500 feet below the surface of the Atlantic Ocean.
  10. Super Micro Computer (SMCI) down -$83 or -24% today after reporting earnings... 8.23.23... tick tock
  11. Take a look at the WE chart... what a nightmare... white-knuckled ride straight to hell... on the bright side, $0 ends the pain.
  12. A break of 4400 on the SPX puts it back into the Fractal Pocket...
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