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  1. Thank you TCG, The charts are informative... and unfortunately, terrifying. Will mean real distress and suffering for most people, makes me sad/mad. Best to you, WTF
  2. RUT roh raggy: A close below 1,722 would not be a good sign for the markets...
  3. Russell 2000 not playing along with the "everything rally", could it be the canary in the coal mine?
  4. Strang days in the markets (BTC and Tech are flights to safety during times when there are runs on banks?). Uncertainty about which macroeconomic environment we are in is causing mass confusion amongst the algorithms that are actually doing the majority of the buying and selling. When they all get on the same page, we are going to see some fireworks up or down.
  5. Banks bailing out banks with the assurance that they will be bailed out if the deal goes bad. Heads they win, tails they win is a nice business model, privatizing profits and socializing losses.
  6. Algorithms not realizing that interest rates going lower are not based on improving economic fundamentals but on worsening systemic risks keep buying technology. I will be taking the other side of that trade... thank you nerds...
  7. Bitcoin on a terror higher, better buy it now while it's still nothing. Tulips anyone???
  8. No need to worry... Resolution Trust Corporation (2.0, the toxic derivatives version), fun for everyone...
  9. I can't speak for everyone, but as a US taxpayer I'm happy to guarantee an unlimited amount of deposits at your financial institution Mr. Banker. Just add it to the ever-increasing debt & risk I owe into the future... I'm sure it will all end well. 🖕 Still working on my escape plan from this developing train wreck...
  10. Well, that was fun... let's do it again on Monday.
  11. Selling begets selling, this is only the start...
  12. Wonder what mom & pop with "real" money are doing today? Could they be calling their money managers and telling them to get them the hell out of the equity markets and into treasuries? Oh never mind, that would never happen.... to the moon Alice!!!
  13. VIX, strong and long... UVIX only up 36.50% today.
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