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Wisdom 4/6/23

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2 hours ago, The CoinGuy said:

I'm going to have to agree with fxfox here...this was a good interview.  

I have to admit...I don't listen to these shows often so I'm not familiar with the interviewer here, but I feel he deserves a little credit for asking the right questions.  In that regard, I think he did a bang up job as well.

Not to mention...it was also nice to see PH in an interview.  Always good to put a face with a name...

I've always preferred long interviews vs the latest trend...soundbytes and memes. 


The CoinGuy

Thank you TCG...

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7 minutes ago, The CoinGuy said:



Although...Is someone going to fill me in on the joke?

Do I know the interviewer?  A poster here?



Interview was conducted by potatohead.

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Oh...I'm sorry.  I thought Bob Coleman was PH.   Hell.  Now I'm confused...smile.

I almost feel as though I should correct myself here, but frankly PH...you still did a helluva job. 

I make no bones about it...I'm proud of you.

I guess the only question is who is Bob Coleman? A friend of Doc's perhaps?

This has all been good for a laugh, but frankly...I need to start paying more attention...😀.

Well...I leave you to it.  Gotta run...




I'm going to leave you with this...

A lot of talk about C&H's back in '07 and '08 and I heard this last year...and in this interview.  I never really followed this line of thinking and in '08 the measurement was only 134.  Not good.

I'm not really a huge fan of the cup and handle formation...but still will be utilizing the same measurement when it does break up and out.  Now...I heard a number in the interview that doesn't match what I have written down.  284 is the simple measurement when viewing the GLD. 100+92+92...284.  It's not a 100 from the recent lows...

Here is my thought on the matter...

Go back and look at the ^IXIC during it's explosive phase coming out of the '95 ramp.   Where it consolidates one last time before exploding.  What number is that?  2840.

Now.  When I say my long-term price target is exactly double what I heard in the interview?  You might understand where I'm coming from? 

That is...of course...500(+10/-25) in the GLD.  Remember...I follow the GLD because one of the methods of Technical Analysis I utilize needs Volume(at the turns).

I've always believed the WSB(White Shoe Boys) will step in here when the yellow metal suits their interests...that time may not be far off. 

Although...I'm entirely more pessimistic than the gentlemen here in this forum.  I know too much...and I'm getting more pessimistic as I age.  Maybe the proper term is...jaded. 

Who knows.

Take care.



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I apologize. We took our boys to a Sharks game last night - lots of fun. And I'd not yet listened to the interview. I was working from the image of the youtube, which only showed Lee & Bob: I thought the latter interviewed the former. Now I'm back home and listening... and discover there's a third person. My bad. Great interview.

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Aye Aye Aye...

Jimi.  Are you serious?

So...I was right the first time?

Are you playing games with me?  😀.

Water under the bridge.  😁

I make mistakes a 100 times a day.

My actual nickname is...the "Absent-Minded Professor". 

I'd prefer a handle change.  😉

I just feel sorry for PH for having to put up with us....





UUP:  Still bullish above the key.



Since were speaking of the dollar.  Remember this old chart?  "Carry on My Wayward Son" from May of last year?  What was I saying here?  I asked if you can SEE it now?  I added a new red circle...compare this area with the updated version of the "Was 2008 All That Long Ago? UPDATED!" chart I recently posted(in this thread) and I'll ask again...Can you SEE it now?

(Although, If you're lazy...just keep scrolling and I updated the original chart below!)

You know...if you look hard enough at the UUP chart...see that blue line of resistance, then a 1, then a 2?  Perhaps you could stretch your imagination and...see the SPX as well?  Yes.  It's a twin peak formation...they both are.  As is...the ^HUI.

Of course...if gold pops 192(on Volume) and holds it.  This chart is dead wrong...and i'll be asking Doc to change my handle to Spud Peeler.


I've been talking about the ^XOI since the June 8, 2022 peak.  I've been watching this unfold very carefully.  The chart is set up beautifully.  The pattern is exquisite.

What facilitates the follow-thru has been my only thought for the last month...1912717366_XOItoCanaryComparisonChart-April72023.thumb.jpg.225bd12ea1bc5ec5d5ceac23a2e33fc8.jpg

Remember the RH dominant "Twin Peaks"?  These are my personal favorite.  The declines...are brutal.

So...Remember 1x/Rest/1x? 

Here is a pattern comparison between "The Canary in the Coal Mine", which is PYPL vs.  ETH.  

I'm following this with great interest.  It's not everyday you get market pundits calling for a million dollars a share in BTC within 90 days. 

Again...for the record.  I am calling for ETH to 1000. in 90 days.


I went ahead and updated the "Carry on my WayWard Son" chart from above...


To Conclude...


Until 2,24(x) to 2,25(x) then...

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