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  1. Wait. You got visited by the FBI because of a tweet? That's disconcerting. Share if you are comfortable doing so.
  2. This feels more dislocated from reality than the 1995-2000 bubble run. At least back then, you could tell stories of eyeballs & metrics and this newfangled contraption “that changes everything!” This bubble run is darker and far more cynical. Financial nihilism. Meme-world without substance. Musk and his shameless self-serving pumping, along with “Pomp” & Raoul & the exploitive band of laser-eyes. All suspended by the barest of threads & barfing brontosauruses.
  3. Trying to understand this. If I sold a business with long term gains in March, I get old tax rate; but if sold it in April, I get new tax rate?
  4. Their demonstration of mind-share monopoly & financial inertia.
  5. Oops. Erred there. Should be 10,526 X $92.13 = $969,760.
  6. Look here: https://www.bloomberg.com/markets/rates-bonds/government-bonds/us I see the 10-year quoted at a price of $95, with a coupon of $1.13 and priced to yield 1.68%. A financial calculator has five buttons, N, I/Y, PV, PMT, FV I plug in the following N = 39 (4 quarters X 10 years minus 1 for a quarterly coupon already paid) PV = -95.00 (minus, because you are purchasing) FV = $100 (10-years are sold par) PMT = $1.13/4 = $0.2825 (because paid quarterly. Then, I compute I/Y = 0.4218%... however, we need to multiply that by 4 (quarters) = 1.68%...
  7. Lee, this remains the best damned site on the internet for people like us.
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