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  1. Did the Fed secretly chose to do MBS transactions during full moons?
  2. Articles like these make me sick....Black Rock was pumping gold a year ago. sell gold and buy stocks? really at these levels? gold and silver relative to the S&P500 is very cheap. Can get cheaper but not nearly as cheap as buying stocks at alltime highs. https://finance.yahoo.com/news/blackrock-fund-manager-cut-almost-163756248.html?guccounter=1&guce_referrer=aHR0cHM6Ly9jaXRpemVuZnJlZXByZXNzLmNvbS8&guce_referrer_sig=AQAAAEGfs1RP7xGKG4no0hQY_b-89Os72WavLkXiCVp2EicFSNu5CqroaEDIAMI3mKVQ5T8jR6qENgHByavBc2lfzjz66DmetCk8fCjjy5qT5q5cODPT_4_yrMVkPtsBX5huEChzQNMtXHqV2SS22HjJQKr1xih2O8QvKC9-KsweI_vx
  3. sounds like Riga, Lativa is beautiful and vibrant this time of year..... https://english.alarabiya.net/News/world/2021/09/13/Latvian-ministry-issues-apology-over-military-drill-after-social-media-backlash Military exercises in the center of Riga, Latvia, no warning given. https://twitter.com/IrakiW/status/1437372248977981442
  4. What is even more scary is the Fintwit experts who have 10's of thousands of followers, and many of these guys just regurgitate each other's opinion as expert analysis.
  5. US TREASURY GENERAL ACCOUNT $356B AUG 31 VS $263B PRIOR DAY was this tax receipts?
  6. Think of it as the gillette razors business model......we gave them the handle....now they have to buy the parts from us...
  7. Are you asking about a return "on" your money or a return "of" your money.......I think the latter is more important concept at this point in the bubble.
  8. BULLARD SAYS PURCHASES DON'T HAVE MUCH VALUE RIGHT NOW Primary dealers think otherwise.....
  9. "Funny thing is that economists have no idea wtf I'm talking about." Then you have the FinTwit stars that are constantly interviewed on the subscription circuit and are looked at as Fed gods. Many have no clue how the system works and even believe the regulatory frame work as well as loan creation is what drives inflation and the stock market. Many of these Fintwit stars actually believe in deflation while at the same time the Fed's balance goes up a 100 billion a month.....Crypto is looked at as gold and actual gold is looked at as a pet rock. WTF? The whole thing is insane.
  10. Price does not matter. The key take away is the network effect these tech giants gravitate towards. The question is, will others follow as deleveraging in the metals space continues. Meaning physical is being demanded as leveraged instruments are in decline. This spells opportunity longer term.
  11. stopped trading miners years ago. That is a pure timing game. The fund I manage is 99% physical held outside the financial system. The whole thing is a confidence game. No one knows when the music stops. One can only prepare. At some point the metals go not sure about the miners. Some lost their shirt in the last run 10 years ago due to hedging.
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