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  1. Adlerian vocabulary A process that is not defined by common homonym, homophone, or homograph standards. Rather a unique written phonic dialect used by the eldest generation of market historians or active traders to self-medicate through the use of alternative scrambled letters resembling the identical speech sounds of traditional word patterns. Sometimes viewed as a therapeutic approach applying humor to the self-inflicted stress of interpreting manipulative and sometimes insane market influences.
  2. looks like they filmed this in a RV camp or community park... If they were going for the medieval look, they should have at least cropped out those modern outhouses.
  3. An absolute must Listen....warning: do not drink any liquids while watching
  4. Today's commentary reminds of this song ......Let me take a selfie
  5. Lee, Was this part of the expected upcoming demand for new Treasuries? BREAKING: House passes a $1.7 trillion spending bill with Ukraine aid that avoids a partial government shutdown. The measure goes to President Biden to be signed into law - AP
  6. when I look at those pictures......I get a Jonestown type vibe.... Will they be handing out koolaid at the open house?
  7. That already occurred. Now, let the financial games begin. As Lee mentions, a debt limit is bullish since no TRashuries will be issued.
  8. Aren't the paydowns in Treasuries due to the upcoming debt ceiling limit within the next 2 weeks?
  9. which is more impressive, this short covering rally (blowing out all stops) or going a straight week without waking up in the middle of the night to take a piss.
  10. Lee, Thought you may like this.. https://www.brookings.edu/blog/up-front/2022/06/01/what-if-the-federal-reserve-books-losses-because-of-its-quantitative-easing/ They are now paying out more than they are taking in.
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