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  1. for more impotent news.... Microplastics discovered in human penises for the first time https://www.cnn.com/2024/06/19/health/microplastics-human-penises-study-scli-intl-scn-wellness/index.html
  2. I also learned the real reason we can not afford a recession.....The Feds balance sheet would balloon.
  3. Lee has documented this countless times. excellent interview on outright money printing/reserve creation, managing markets and expectations
  4. Ivan Boesky eventually learned that lesson the hard way.
  5. Could the better tax filing data be due to loan forgiveness? Normally loan forgiveness is treated as income for tax purposes.
  6. Water gets drained, just not during market hours, usually at 2 am
  7. Market lower as Treasury boosts April-June borrowing estimates to $243 billion from $202 billion - Q3 $847 billion, when the Fed likely slows QT
  8. For Meta investors looks more like Hawaii Five.... Oh shit!
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