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  1. You're like Aaron Rodgers down six late in the 4th at Soldier Field facing 3rd & 17....
  2. (I know it's supposed to be proprietary, but today's action was the most-boring in the last 3,000 years... prior, there was a period of surplus rains & related wheat production and the price of the latter didn't budge for 27 years. That was the last time my proprietary stuff triggered. And if you know your Pharaonic history, then you know what Aakheperre - and lo! the entire ancient world - suffered the next day....)
  3. My proprietary technical stuff just triggered. It appears that today's market action is the most important capital market activity in 3,000 years. It will be clear in retrospect.
  4. Brontosauraus-on-hind-legs-reaching-for-the-highest-leaves-in-the-canopy formation.
  5. We should all be working to help prevent FB from ever coming back on line.
  6. Fall & winter approach, and with them, the seeming interminable gray skies of Central Europe. Enjoy them while you can.
  7. We need a brutal depression. Wipe out all the bad loans and bury the bankrupt holders & originators. Forever. Under a fresh mound of salted soil. Pile high an insolvency pyre: use the politicians & the central bankers as kindling and ignite it with a flamethrower. Wipe out all the millionaires & billionaires whose vast wealth originated from purchase of financial securities. Let them join the bulging ranks of America's underclass. Let them go hungry. And worry... endlessly... day to day. And from the wreckage, let us rebuild something of substance that pays tribute to the inheritance we mindlessly pissed away.
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