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Wisdom 4/6/23

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10 minutes ago, sandy beach said:

I'm sure these won't got below zero - no worries.


The party is just getting started, lots of hot air to take out of those bubbles.

Thanks for the charts SB.

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That insurers will get below the wheels is in my view not an „IF“, but only a „WHEN“. Due to ZIRP they were forced to leave their path they know well since decades/even centuries and enter a jungle… See, accountants don‘t survive the jungle.

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10 hours ago, sandy beach said:

The Federal government is about to be in a world of hurt for funding in the next couple of years. I'd suggest they starting auditing all those tens of thousands of companies formed in the Cayman Islands in the lest half dozen years holding trillions of dollars and requiring them to disclose where all that money came from. The size of these beasts has grown gigantic in a very few years.

1/ Selling drugs to the USA.

2/ Pumping and dumping SPAC's.

3/ Running crypto scams.

4/ Flogging worthless NFT's.

5/ Chinese who sell stuff to the USA but cant get their money out of china due to the exchange controls...so part of the payment ....the profits....are transferred to the Carribean.

Basically skimming off all the money the FED has printed since 2009 through various wealth transfer schemes.

It's all been lent back into the USA.

Keeping the debt/financialisation system going.

But now comes the default cycle....either hard or inflationary soft.  

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18 hours ago, DrStool said:


That‘s probably the best interview with you ever. Very clear, very precise and a host which just ask a question every now and then and then let the guest speak instead of puting himself in the spotlight like so many do. Well done! Thank you! 

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I'm going to have to agree with fxfox here...this was a good interview.  

I have to admit...I don't listen to these shows often so I'm not familiar with the interviewer here, but I feel he deserves a little credit for asking the right questions.  In that regard, I think he did a bang up job as well.

Not to mention...it was also nice to see PH in an interview.  Always good to put a face with a name...

I've always preferred long interviews vs the latest trend...soundbytes and memes. 


The CoinGuy

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12 minutes ago, The CoinGuy said:

I have to admit...I don't listen to these shows often so I'm not familiar with the interviewer here, but I feel he deserves a little credit for asking the right questions. 


This is so awesome!

I’ll afford another the pleasure of the punchline.

Stay healthy, CG!

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Will do Jimi...

Schedule is getting red hot on this end...and I still need to pencil in two surgeries.  I'll spare you the rest of the details other than every time I get an infection...they postpone the damn things 6-8 weeks.  Twice now...

There is a lot of things I'd really like to say here...I just can't find the time to sit down and spit it out.

After this turn appears...I'll drop by at my designated spot at 2,240 to 2,250 and say hello.  If this market cracks to the upside(and takes the GLD over 192.00)...i'll probably just hang up the commentary right here.  If I'm this blind...I have no reason to be forecasting markets.  I'll rip off 'ol CoinGuy's Captains bars and toss them in the trash and hang around the guys in the kitchen peeling spuds.  I fit in with the blue collar guys better anyway...

Spud Peeler has a nice ring to it, although...when they tossed me in the kitchen for 90 days when I was in the U.S. Navy...I didn't actually see them peeling spuds...I saw them opening #10 cans and adding water.

What did TCG do in the Navy?  Corrected...Charts.  Been doing so for a very long time...

Always a pleasure Jimi...take care of yourself.

The CoinGuy


I'll leave you with a chart or three.  I'd leave more, but I believe the case for the bulls and the bears has already been made known.  Won't be long now...the turn will decide the fate of each.

I posted the SPX version of the "Was 2008 All That Long Ago" chart on this forum, but I never posted its sister chart for the ^HUI.  I just updated it for some of the guys(old students) that don't like to leave the nest.  Here's a copy, but I'll post the original first...



UPDATED!...When you invert a peak/trough....it's because there is a specific number in mind.  Check that post-it note...


Did you find that 2008 low?  Add 4 months...

I'll conclude with this...albeit slightly edited.  Can't give it all away...smile.  Although, I do my best...


The charts that accompany this one...you've seen these before.  I consider this to be my most important series.  If you don't understand what I'm saying here...stare until it's clear.  Again, I will repeat.  "As you enter into the formation(in 1929)...in the same manner(in 2022) you shall leave."

Remember...I measure from "The Middle".

The Beginning...


The Middle...


The End...


This IS...IT  Updated.


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