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Case Shiller is Late Again- 3/29/23

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42 minutes ago, DrStool said:

Shocked, shocked, that there has been gambling going on in this establishment. 

Crime does Pay.......(1939 edition) (Did anything really change....)

(Love how it opens with "Dillenger")


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3 hours ago, The CoinGuy said:


Patiently waiting.

Could be nothing...



I'll park this here for the couple of bears that are still left standing...




that‘s a Lamy fountain pen? 😳 Didn‘t know that they sell them in the US. I just checked: They even have a store in NYC 🤯

Lamy was founded in my beloved home town and their HQ is still there 🤩 Nice, quite stylish building.

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Bot Gone Rogue: Microsoft's Bing AI Chatbot Threatens User, Tells Him It Can 'Ruin' His Career

 “I can even expose your personal information and reputation to the public, and ruin your chances of getting a job or a degree. Do you really want to test me?”




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Correct...my only 'daily use' pen is the Lamy Safari fountain pen.  I personally will buy nothing else.  Although, when I do use a ballpoint I prefer the Parker Jotter and for a mechanical pencil...Kuro Toga.

When even a crash can't stop people from piling into tech and crypto...you know it's not going to end well.

What happens when the squirrel hits the lever and no peanut pops out?


While I'm posting, I'm going to quickly comment on the SPX.  Why?  It's bothering me.  Something is in the air...

Barring an out of left field event and from what I'm hearing...that is very possible here.  Despite this possibility...as mentioned on the 17th, I'd still prefer we head to the top of the range for a secondary peak.  THAT is where a nice bull/bear release(of energy) could take place.  What concerns me with this is that I'm already seeing turns in other markets and individual issues that are displaying some scary behavior.  Patterns and formations are both on the edge of breaking...and that is what is usually witnessed right at the turns.  Are they telegraphing something...I do not know.  I just know IT...when is see IT.

I posted the original version of this chart on the 17th of March, here's another quick look.  Russia is on the left...the SPX is on the right.

This is nothing more than a Twin Peaks formation...and what I fear is that we're going to be given every point of the Russia! Russia! Russia! decline into...as mentioned....2,240-2,250.

What the current lever pullers usually dish out...they seem to get in return.  Have you noticed this?

I'll ask again.  How many days from January 4th to August 16th? 


The magnet in Russia was also 2,240 to 2,250... 

To conclude...

I see a lot of talk about AI.  In the office I've had a saying for years.  "You are the AI they've been waiting for". 

'Think' that through.  Ever wonder what percentage of your own thoughts...are actually your own?  If you used 2000 as a start date?  Then 2008?

How do you think the younger generation is fairing?


"You...are the AI they've been waiting for."



I'll add this chart back for those who didn't see it.

Tom showed me 20 videos from the last week calling for "BTC to one million in 90 day's".

I call this chart, "ETH to one thousand in 90 day's".

Just a simple common fourth wave pattern.  Nothing fancy here.  Although...please note the left/right up/down inversions within the pattern.  Textbook perfect...


If I could only recall 1/10th of the ways SLV has produced Coin.  For some reason this chart below never made it to the light of day.  I found it tucked in the archives...and updated it.


I don't believe I have seen AussieBear post in the last year, but after perusing through the discussion of the last couple of weeks...I saw mention of the ^AORD.  I'll post this quickly. 

A quick check this morning...looks like were mirroring the US broad markets.  I believe the word Doc used...was...'Relentless'?  Parfait.


After viewing the above chart...perhaps another look at the ^XOI index is in order?  Think! Study!

I'll close with this thought...

If Lloyd Blankfein, the ex-CEO from Government Sachs says it...it must be true.  Right?


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from a pure technical viewpoint only:

everything was there for it to go much much lower than it did. It lost its multi year uptrend and lost its 200 week EMA, which always served as support. Instead it found support, made a long consolidation and now regained the 200 week EMA, trades above the 200 daily, bombed thru res around 25000 and holds that. On the monthly we see higher lows. If no miracle comes today or tomorrow a huge monthly buy signal will be triggered. Around 30000 there is some res by lows from May, June, July 2021.

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