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  1. this dissolution of humanity is really dragging on. where's that confounded 3200 anyway?
  2. according to the wsj, the vix is somewhat irrelevant due to low volume in trades.
  3. place your bets. anthropogenic extinction exacerbates inflation - 60% a new march madness bull market - 20% malaise for years to come -20%
  4. according to the WSJ, retail investors have bought into this sell-off, as the pros have sold.
  5. a russian once said that they don't have to do anything to defeat us. our own greed is self-destructive.
  6. speaking of poland, did you get a whiff of this? "We should be burning everything, other than tires, or similar things, because this is unfortunately what happens here," he said. "Simply, Poland needs to be heated." https://www.reuters.com/world/europe/burn-everything-poland-chokes-smog-war-2022-12-08/
  7. silver making a comeback. that may signal near peak interest rates. or a safe haven as we go extinct.
  8. we're right where we were after that one day pop several weeks ago. very pivotal juncture.
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