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  1. bbc's Steven Rosenberg seems to be immune from russian censorship. it's always refreshing to hear his coverage, though it's been awhile.
  2. Marcus Aurelius (Meditations) would describe the current chaotic state of affairs as dissolution.
  3. they're talking about a trump rally on gloomberg radio. old news.
  4. this is the ugly truth why wall street rises; destroy the planet, harm the general public in the name of economic growth. there are similar evil injustices occurring. Bank of America Pledged to Stop Financing Coal. Now It’s Backtracking. The changes come as Republican lawmakers step up efforts to punish businesses that consider climate change and the environment in their operations. https://www.nytimes.com/2024/02/03/climate/bank-of-america-esg.html
  5. microsoft and the few other AI conglomerates are taking over.
  6. they're all daydreaming on the job. it's right here. boeing should be shut down. ‘The straw that broke the camel’s back’: United CEO’s frustration with Boeing’s problems
  7. bbr-a new gallup pole determined that only 1/3 employees are engaged in their work. costing trillions. it's inflationary paying 2/3 employees to daydream.
  8. the trump rally is over done. how much more can he deregulate, other than by shutting down the government all together. corporate taxes have already been reduced, and more tariffs on chiner cheapo imports is already priced in.
  9. "And I saw the Russians come up the Yukon in boats, fresh from the sea, many Russians; and I saw Ivan creep forth from where he lay hid and make talk with them. And the next day I saw Ivan lead them upon the trail of the tribe. Even now are they upon the trail, and I am here, Negore, but no coward.” NEGORE, THE COWARD jack london
  10. it's called "the Ukraine" because it's the gateway to europe. whoever has ukraine has the world. the russkies are upon our doorstep.
  11. sweden on alert, as war footing continues to deepen.
  12. rents are rising. just ask my impoverished hard working daughter trying to get through a phd program on a non-inflation adjusted stipend.
  13. inflation is spiraling viciously. it's in black and white on the front page of the wsj. 17% increases in car insurance premiums in nj. 30% in californica (allstate requested 40%). same goes for house insurance. many of those fancy wooded lots in ca are uninsurable. john barleycorn inflation lives on. the tinkerer can no longer afford tools, nor the hunter his horn.
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