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  1. So, it's Summertime. But which one? The one where the livin' is easy from Porgy and Bess in 1937? The Summer of 42...hmmm? The Summer of Love, with White Rabbits everywhere? The Summer of 1987? The Summer of 1999? The Summer of 2007?. I'll say one of the last three, the ones I truly remember-was but a tyke in '67. But how will it end up rhyming? Will simply have to wait and see.
  2. Also an excellent old school Italian restaurant in Chicago.
  3. https://x.com/i/status/1797329198136398081 Always crazy in Philadelphia.🤣
  4. Why Sell in May and Go Away... has been contradicted in six days?
  5. What's happened to the Fx Fox? He's been here forever and usually posted multiple times daily?
  6. The dark side of the moon approaches. I'm right on the totality path. Will try to post Monday after. Unless my phone melts or flies away.😎
  7. Fed weasel Kash 'n Kari said 'Maybe no cuts at all'.
  8. Well, hopefully no bears actually got ready to rumble a month ago.
  9. That goose must be near to burnt by now. And remember, Fed follows the market so if Fed cuts Fed funds target, it's because the money market went there first. 90 day bill still 5.39%, big inversion to 10 year.
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