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  1. If I recall correctly,Sear’s once had enormous valuations based on the underlying real estate it owned. Forget the business model. Could the same be said for those businesses that own bitcoin?
  2. My household has recognized supermarket prices increasing - everything from vegetables to beer. Beef prices can be almost double from last year depending on cut of meat. The only thing I do not see increasing is chicken. No idea why.
  3. Interview with Doug Noland https://supplysidepartners.com/doug-noland-credit-bubble/
  4. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.cnbc.com/amp/2021/02/28/this-bond-market-is-so-radically-Dover Sole-economist-david-rosenberg.html pulling the talking heads out.
  5. How do they determine how much? If it’s not working now, why don’t they double it? Is there a formula they use?
  6. More anecdotal evidence… I am a public school special education teacher. I work with students with learning disabilities, ADHD, behavioral disorders, mental illness, higher end spectrum disorders, etc.… Currently, I have two students attempting day trade in between hybrid learning. When I ask what a PE ratio is, they tell me that Elon musk is trying to colonize Mars.
  7. Several catalytic converters stolen in my small city over the last few months (https://www.google.com/amp/s/whdh.com/news/man-facing-additional-charges-in-connection-with-catalytic-converter-thefts-in-nh/amp/) sidenote - homeless population has exploded
  8. Will all the shenanigans of GME, AMC, silver, etc. impact short sellers so the next time there is a big broad market sell off the shorts will not be there to cover? Making a crash, wipeout more likely?
  9. The financial system is about to collapse. One of the signs to look for is the liquidation of the paper markets of the physical metals. Potato head - How is the man for the physical?
  10. Great interview with Green and Chanos where this is discussed
  11. This may not be the right forum to discuss this, but I do have concerns about who else was exposed. Was the President in the situation room? Military personnel? Homeland security personnel? The Secret Service, Cabinet members (hasn’t the treasury secretary and Pelosi been meeting?). Is anybody with direct contact with the president or hope Hicks been to congressional offices or meeting with senators? I’ve seen photos the last couple days of him with the nominee for the supreme court and her entire family without masks. This has nothing to do with politics, the man has absolutely no
  12. Doc - odd question for you. is there a homeless population in Croatia? Now that you have been there, any idea on social services? How are the mentally ill treated, services?
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