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Flat Squeeze Tightens 11/20/23

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The market sphincter just keeps getting tighter and tighter. The question isn't just when it will squirt out, but exactly what will squirt out, and where. We await with bated breadth. 

i would note that the squeeze keeps making higher lows, but I admit to not knowing if that means anything. Normally it suggests accumulation. Push will come to shove at the trendline at 4504 now and 4508 as of the opening hour in New York.  If they break that, then the next spport line comes in at 4490. 

On the other hand, if they clear 4523, then they probably blast off to 4530 or even perhaps 4531. Then we'll see if it has Room to Run


Meanwhile the bond market rally appears to be approaching kaputski. So much misplaced bullishness


And today, gold is sold. Gold Has Lost Its Mojo and Is Now in Danger


For moron the markets, see:

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The new president of Argentina has a foot planted in every alt economic school around. He's got a lot of feet evidently. What catches the eye is the elimination of the central bank. How? Got me. 

That is a populist idea that should scare some people straight.  The new president has no party really, no way to legislate anything from what I hear. There are always guns.

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The screens generated more buys than sell signals again over the past week. For the week ended Friday, there were 61 charts with a second buy signal on Friday and just 2 with second sell signals. The numbers are smaller but still overwhelmingly bullish.  Non-subscribers click here for access.

Technical Trader subscribers click here to download the complete report.

I reviewed all of the charts from today’s screen results. The two sells weren’t compelling enough to swim against the tide.  We already have so many buys on the list that I didn’t want to add more given that this rally has aged a bit. Some of these charts were interesting, but I took a pass this week.  Non-subscribers click here for access.

We come into this week with 18 longs on the list. I had no stops on any of them. This week I have added stops to 11 of them as they’re starting to look ready for the Thanksgiving table. The rest I will let ride for another week without stops.  As of Friday’s close, the average theoretical gain on the existing picks was 7.3% with an average holding period of 13 calendar days. This is now double October’s loss. Finally, some progress after treading water since July.  Non-subscribers click here for access.

Table of picks and performance in the subscriber report. Non-subscribers click here for access.

Not a subscriber? Get price and time targets, and weekly swing trade chart picks, risk free for 90 days! 

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I am thrilled with this election result.  Never imagined it would happen.  Can't wait to see what he can accomplish before he is assassinated by the same folks that brought you Kennedy, Lincoln, McKinley, Taylor, Harrison, Garfield, Harding not to mention Jackson, Ford, and Reagan.

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2 hours ago, DrStool said:

2-3 day cycle projection 4545. 

Pretty much done, but the projection now looks 4555 and 1 day cycle projection looks 4565, so I can't say that it's done done. Well done. Or even medium. It might be rare, but not unusual. 

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I should really be enjoying this. I've been 100% long in my trading recos for the past 3 weeks and even making money long in my own day trades. My technical work on the market has been relentlessly bullish for nearly a month. 

Why does it feel so rotten? 

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Deflationary Depression?  I am in complete agreement.

In the SPX, I have been watching for a peak on the two-year anniversary of the high in the ^IXIC, which is the 22nd(and perhaps a gap fill from the August 2, 2023 gap?)...but it could come in early.  Rest assured you better have plans after this turn because you're heading into the drink.  The "Twin Peaks" Formation is now complete and the secondary peak does not usually make a new high...although, it is possible, but the odds are low.

This peak is where you walk away from all other patterns and follow the conclusion of the "Twin Peaks" specifically.   I'll get right to the  point....a literal nightmare is unfolding right before your eyes.  The pattern is now complete.


In July I was adamant about this advance from the October 13, 2022 lows being akin to the secondary advance(to the peak) in the Cryptocurrencies...both numerically...and psychologically speaking.


With my "parting shot"  I'll say this.  Bring up BTC from June 21, 2021 to the "secondary peak"  at November 9, 2021.

Now...take a look at MSFT from its November 4, 2022 low to the secondary peak were attempting to put in at this very moment.

Please note the pattern...

Once you're back through 350, it's game on IN  ALL MARKETS.  225 will be the first point of rest. 

Have ZERO concern with NVDS. 

You're traveling with me and I'm not in the business of guessing.

I won't be here at 2,240 to 2,250 in the SPX...You'll soon see me popping up in some other fashion.

Please remember.  This market will not resolve itself...for years.

Everything you need going forward is in my charts in the archives.  Nothing new is needed...

Best of luck to all.

The CoinGuy


I have again looked over the BIM 5.0...it's dated, but it still stands.

What you want to watch for is this.  1,920 in the ^XOI AND the GLD(at 192).  These are walls...IF those walls are broken, you have to respect them.  If each market falters....then you know the truth as to where both of them are going...and...don't forget the SPX IS in the same boat....4800 times 4 is?


192?  No one, not one bothered to ask.  Why?

I'll say it again.  Everywhere in this market right now.  Look for 35/70...it is the KEY to the stock market.

For my goldbug friends.  Gold(and silver) can decouple here, but the likelihood is quite low.   As of this moment, I believe we're going to walk with the broad market through one more decline...then walk away, but I could be wrong.  192 in the GLD will tell you the truth...let everyone else be a liar.

If the GLD walks the path of the BIM 5.0 it will take you completion.

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Thanks TCG

I will add my 2 cents... Still watching AAPL

AAPL:    12.10.21 to 3.29.22     -   $180

              6.30.23 to 11.##.23   -   $195

  Getting close... my MACD, KVO already rolled over... stochastic is pegged almost at the top... when this rolls over, will be full on short...

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