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  1. sediment has been down in the dumps perhaps contributing to the dally
  2. Hasn't Thanksgiving week always been good for at least a short squeeze?
  3. I am thrilled with this election result. Never imagined it would happen. Can't wait to see what he can accomplish before he is assassinated by the same folks that brought you Kennedy, Lincoln, McKinley, Taylor, Harrison, Garfield, Harding not to mention Jackson, Ford, and Reagan.
  4. BTFD grew pretty well this period. More free money? Or does it really account for 52% of loans to banks?
  5. wan't chris martenson part of this board in ancient times. There's another guy named Mathew Crawford that says he was in a forum with Chris. anybody remember?
  6. seems everybody and his brother is talking about rate increases again but the 3 Month T-Bill isn't.
  7. Wasn't the name of the new fed program a hint. BTFP? The whole mantra for a while has been BTFD. I'm sure they were laughing when they named the program. Turn in your bad bonds get newly printed fresh dollars. What could go wrong.
  8. Those bank stocks look just like they did on September 6, 2001
  9. FWIW i refrain from posting to keep the post count low to allow the site to signal an upcoming crash. Now i went and spoiled that.
  10. There are a lot of people that should know better that don't realize the reserve requirement is ZERO.
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