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Bitcoin is Back Baby! Stocks to Test 11/23/22

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4 hours ago, Jorma said:

The silence from the Coin Guy bodes poorly for his possible survival so there is  probably an empty chair in Nebraska I guess.


Whitman chair.2JPG.JPG

No, man.

He’s sailing waves. He’s living his best life, right now. He’s laughing & smiling. He’s happy for himself & he’s happy for all of us. He’s grateful, because it’s Thanksgiving.

This, I believe. 

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Little known anecdote about the Pilgrims: they were all stoners of the first order. Thought they were sailing to Ireland on a hemp run... ended up instead in North America.

Last night's listing was on a road called "Covelo" - it is the second pot farm I've found on that road. The two properties are separated by about 9 minutes' drive. It makes sense to me that you'd see some tight grouping of farms: before legalization, I suspect/may-have-heard-told there were "communities" of growers who knew one another, trusted one another, looked out for one another, and really didn't welcome outsiders.  Additionally, once you master a strain in an ecosystem, there are advantages to expanding that strain's planting nearby. Lastly, I imagine that post-legalization, a bunch of these communities secured licenses and shifted into a less paranoid situation.

Somewhere north of here in the town of "Bridgeville" (of which I've never heard), there is a place called "Larabee Valley." I imagine this place was - and may still be - such a community. Up there, you can get 51 gorgeous California acres, a beautiful cabin/home that was built in 2012, outbuildings, timber, meadows, and... of course, a "Cannabis license/permit" for $699K, which is the September 2022 "relisting" asking after a May 2022 "relisting."

This listing is interesting, because Photos #3-7 show the characteristic "rounds," however, in apparent full bloom. I count 50 (5 X 10) in an orderly stand-apart situation, and then maybe another 50 rounds tucked in around the greenhouse.  There is also, then, the greenhouse - I'd guess that's where young clones are encouraged before transplanting to the rounds... but I don't really know. Perhaps, instead, it's a separate production line relying on a strain better adapted to greenhouses?

Those photos really bring home how very large pot plants become when in a happy locale & properly attended: the marriage between strain & ecosystem, overseen by an attentive farmer.


And then, from the listing, there is this: "Can be sold with neighboring property. They go very well together."

"very well together"?  Like strain & ecosystem?

And so we find nearby on Larabee Valley Road, a second place, with a similar "May 2022/September 2022" history, asking $599K for 147 gorgeous Californian acres. And it, too, is a pot farm: "15,000 sq. ft. Cannabis license/permit. There is a 140,000 gallons of water storage, cold framed greenhouses, 20x40 processing building."


Would love to see the books on these places. I have no handle on what one nets from, say, the first property and its ~100 rounds & greenhouse. The second property seems of a far-larger commercial scale: what has it historically generated as yield & net income?

What are the underlying economics of these sort of pot farms? I mean, superficially on the first listing, 100 rounds = 100 lbs = $50K gross if you assume $500/lb. But it would be better to know non-superficial real numbers.

It's on my list of research tasks.

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