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  1. At least that's what their site shows. But can you overcome the trading fees and management expenses by holding treasuries?
  2. Two new very strange new ETFs: https://sec.report/Document/0001580642-22-002817/ The idea appears to be to buy and hold treasuries and swap into ETFs in large or small caps at the end of each day to hold overnight and swap back out in the A.M. Tickers are NSPY and NIWM. Brains are run by AlphaTrAI. https://www.nightsharesetfs.com So far AI hasn't done great at running ETFs but we'll see.
  3. What am I doing wrong FX? I'm seeing the EMA200 at 3639.55. If so the S&P500 bounced off of it? EDIT: Oh I missed that you were talking about the hourly. Thanks! Didn't notice that.
  4. "In 1973, inflation tripled, from 3.9 percent to 9.6 percent. The Fed only doubled interest rates from 5.75 to a high of 11 points. Inflation continued to remain in the double-digits through all of 1974, lasting until April 1975. The Fed kept raising the fed funds rate to a peak of 13 in July 1974, and then dramatically lowered the rate, reaching 7.5 by January 1975."
  5. "Once inflation goes above 5%, it has never come back down without the Fed Funds Rate exceeding the CPI" - Druck
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