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Bitcoin is Back Baby! Stocks to Test 11/23/22

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OK so it isn't back. But it is up something like 850. On the chart, it's barely a dead cat bounce. Will this apparent bottom stick. Show me. The first test will be to clear 17,000. Failing that, there's still a short term cycle projection of 15,000, that hasn't been hit yet, not to mention the 9 month cycle projection of 13,500 and the long term target of 5000 below zero. 


As for the ES, 24 hour S&P 500 fugutures, today looks like another dull day with an upward bias. The 5 day cycle projection has risen to 4035. That suggests a test of the high, but no, no, no-o-o-o-o-o breakout. 


I will be posting a precious metals update on Liquidity Trader in about an hour. That's starting to look reeeeeeeel interesting. I will post the link here when that's done. 

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I have a friend here who lived in Cali for 35 years. She is throwing a traditional Merkan Tanks Giving dinner for friends and family. 

On Sunday, of course. 

I'll let you know if there's cranberry sauce. It's easy to find fresh cranberries here and most French women know how to make sauces from anything. 


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Looked at the FTX native token charts for FTT and SRM.

An obvious price support operation was undertaken to prop up the tokens price from late May 2022 to early November 2022.

(cant see this mentioned anywhere on the internet.......)

Keeping the prices steady ...would cost a lot.....

Who did this....best guess Alameda......

Where did they get the money to do this....best guess loans from FTX...

Where did FTX get the money....best guess its the depositors money.

So where did all the depositors money go....best guess ...eventually to the sellers of FTT and SRM during this period

Will the liquidators persue them....good luck with that....

Unless the liquidator can use all the Madoff case law to establish a ponzi scheme was being operated and claw back money from the native token sellers as they were "net gainers" from the ponzi....the money is gone. Identifying the sellers will be difficult.

The native token acts as the wealth transfer vehicle.

Its what I call a "token ponzi"

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I don't understand this business about tokens. When I was a kid, a token was something you used to ride the subway.  

I mean that's worth something, but my god, public transit is expensive today. It's like baseball cards. I wish I had held on to my PTC tokens. 

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