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  1. Not so sure about a V bottom, they are so last week... comes a time when mo free money just doesn't work anymore. Sure does make a mess though, someone has to clean up that huge pile of debt!
  2. Ahhh, how high do opossums bounce? Depends of course on how bloated they are... Can't trust em though, close stop on the varmint. Nasty little creatures...
  3. Playing with house money though, I've been short for most of this week
  4. Just playing a bounce, think it breaks it's neck and tests the 200 day soon, so yes standing in front of the train. I'm too much of a gambler but I do know it at least.
  5. I'm going long small caps here, should get a bounce at the neckline... head and shoulders I've been watching
  6. It's rolling over now. You really don't think today will Finnish green, do you?
  7. And finished 4th out of a field of 564 last night 😎 Going to Vegas in a week or so, cheaper to fly in there than AZ. Might just waste a few days there after I help my daughter move... 4 hour drive from there
  8. Whole lotta hacking going on. Good Lord, don't give US a reason to go to war again.
  9. You've almost talked me into going long here... I held my QQQ shorts over the weekend, very happy camper who is scratching his head now
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