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  1. I started dabbling in the Treasury auction market a year and a half ago. Since then, for Treasury notes, my experience has been that the interest rate frequently dropped a quarter point or so between the purchase deadline and the actual auctions, which closed a day or two later, around noon Eastern time. A few times the rate stayed the same, once, it dropped almost half a point, but I do not recall the rate increasing into closing, which would have benefited me, the buyer (ie, the Greater Fool). Someone, somewhere, got a slice of the difference.
  2. Wow, looks great! https://tribuca.net/img/pictures/2018/07/20180713165220-selections-basse-def-sncf-train-des-merveilles-08.06.17-maxime-huriez-16a2582-625x417.jpg
  3. Always nice to live to fight another day.
  4. Somebody must have jumped the gun with that finger. As JFK said, there is always someone who doesn’t get the word.
  5. When I get to the bottom, I go back to the top of the slide Where I stop, and I turn, and I go for a ride 'Til I get to the bottom and resubstantiate again Yeah, yeah, yeah
  6. Looking forward to another good sing-along on Resubstantiation Day!
  7. Trivia: Although he pronounced the little known (at the time) island of Oahu as “O-ha-u”, John Daly was the first radio broadcaster to break the news of the Pearl Harbor attack to the nation.
  8. “Gold Goes Space Needle” Gee, it’s almost as if a dozen-plus years of “not actually printing” money has, shall we say, actually, consequences?
  9. Joseph Kennedy and Jesse Livermore, for two. But old Jesse lost his mojo .
  10. One possibility: Those that forced 0.25% on Grandma during much of the previous fifteen years might consider doing the same again at some point during the next ten years? What should one fear more, this possibility, or the specter of persistent inflation? Even in the latter case, if one ladders the bonds (actually Treasury Notes), one can keep rolling into new ten year bonds as the shorter term ones mature, at the new low price /higher rate. And meanwhile watch the skyrocketing Magnificent Seven go ever higher, dreaming of the yachts one could have bought.
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