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  1. i have to ask....how can this stock market be bailed out.... unless u are implying a "deep correction " first....
  2. your post reminded me of the 1995-2000 bubble run, when we had so many traders on this site who could write...(no offense to current members, ).. GREAT POST... u should rant more...
  3. playing with charts and look what i found....if NEM breaks 80 it will be breaking out of a BOX pattern that goes back to 1986.....probably doesn't mean anything๐Ÿ˜’
  4. I am an old boomer...and i can say...Cannabis. It's the past....cause I remember it๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
  5. I did not, but just went back and found it, thanks...hopefully she will listen to her good old Dad...she has in the past...
  6. SPX and DJI have both said yesterday did not happen, QQQ's are a bit weaker or should i say less strong...Friday will wipe out Mon and Tue loss for SPX...and Ta Dah.... the week will be flat..."nothing to see here...move along"
  7. just one to give her an example ...with comment about the likely number and size of increases to continue for a whole cycle
  8. funny , i just realized we came up with the same #,..because 1 mil -780k = 220k loss....divide that by 5 ( the number of .25% increases) so one .25% increase equals 220K divided by 5 and that is ....TA...DAAA...$44000 my back of the envelope calc....
  9. i understand the holding part...and the purchasing power part... i was trying to get a handle on the effect a .25 increase would have on the bond price @ 1 million....u have answered that with a concrete example...Thanks
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