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  1. I was playing around with that thing yesterday and it seemed to be highly suggestible in conversation. I'd be curious how your exchange would've gone if you actively tried to steer it to a different conclusion. On a goof, I asked it why iguanas have long eyelashes and it wrote 2 paragraphs detailing why such a thing is true. It used the phrase "iguanas have long eyelashes" liberally like it was writing an SEO article.
  2. I just figured Mickey Dolenz was up to his usual shenanigans.
  3. I don't know Doc, the feed over on the right says the high was 3723.6. I was about to ask if you weigh the same as a duck!
  4. I recently discovered him on Youtube. He talks about this stuff in a way that a baboso like me can somewhat grasp. Almost as good the Stool.
  5. Don't you know that violent ground acquisition games like football are just a crypto-fascist metaphor for nuclear war?!
  6. My handle is a play on the Spanish word baboso. Literally means "slobbery". In Tex-Mex it means idiot, or worse. If I post something that doesn't sound too intelligent, you know why. 😆
  7. You would have to tell me what it means, if anything, but foreign currencies decoupled during the Gilt-y intervention, and it's happening right now as well.
  8. So Doc, does that mean there was no one at the FED (or their seconds) hinting to these guys that they were waaay on the wrong side of what they were planning to do? I mean, if guys are all in cahoots, letting them blow up seems pointless if they're gonna get a bailout anyway. Why not head it off before it gets there? Or was that the plan all along somehow?
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