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Strictly For The Birds?


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Sorry sweefraapp yours was the other chart I was applauding.


I am doing some cycle work over on Night Stool. All are invited to view and participate. Some of you have read Hurst. I am only half way thru. I've only been able to read about 6 pages at a sitting even though I find it fascinating.

I hope you will share and contribute. I've started with Sto's and ROC's for long time frames. You can view these in the last two nights of Night Stool. Will post some more tonight.

We are also looking for a few good stoolies. We could use an astrology guy on Night Stool as I know little about the subject. We would like to get some regular columns over there. Step up to the plate.



Well this is more like it eh stoolies.

Die Pig.

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Simple G, Oil sure could spike, But I am hearing stories of a possible Busted Oil Cartel causing a Glut.... Saudi's and Venzulaia are not hitting on all cylinders now... and this might be part of the Bush plan.


Got Oil guys' in the White House now, maybe they know how to play the game?


I do think we may get a shorter term spike, when the shooting starts. But do not this it will spike for long.... we shall see.

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