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  1. If this is the downphase, the upphase could be a doozy.
  2. That's how I'd describe my lifetime of trading 😄
  3. Serious but ludicrous thought: there's talk about upcoming Pentagon declassifications of UFO info this month. Assuming that this happens, bullish??
  4. Delivered that turn just like a pizza, in the great Stool tradition.
  5. Doc saved my sanity (and my bacon) this week by correctly calling not just the support/resistance etc, but also the directional bias suggested by monetary factors that very few can even understand, let alone explain. Jmo, but anyone who's managing money simply can't afford to ignore this stuff, especially the subscriber reports.
  6. One doesn't own it. One HODLS it with 🔷🙌 or some such.. Sort of like with land. You think you own it, but even a fee simple eventually reverts to the king. But I was young and pretty flaked out when they explained the rule against perpetitties, so my analogy is probably false 🙃
  7. This made me spray coffee this morning. Funniest thing I've seen in weeks.
  8. Got mine yesterday in sunny & picturesque Ste-Hyacinthe. Ready to begin receiving 5g instructions from Bill Gates!
  9. No shit- I was just finishing the chapter on the Russian sovereign debt crisis in Bill Browder's Red Notice 😄
  10. Morning All! Kicking off this Tootsday's thread in Doc's abscess. Being currently (and permanently) devoid of market intelligence, I'm instead posting @PullMyFinger's chart from yesterday. And accompanying it with a plea to share your thoughts & observations here. Let's keep the homefire burning. And Lee, if you're reading this from your bucolic perch in Central Europe, just.. please.. just.. get off the babysitter!
  11. Add Fokker's to the list, currently listing abaft the beam athwart the formerly close-hauled mizzen.
  12. Some traders are observing signs of volatility that may be affecting some markets as speculators eye mutant strains of Covid and looming economic data 😄
  13. As I get on in years, after 30+ years of trading, sometimes almost fulltime, sometime successfully, most often not, I can say that the markets are the most fascinating of all human creations. Life would be so, so much better, if only I could have traded consistently. If I could have traded like I play pool, or do a few other things, my life would have been easier, simpler, healthier- just better. Then imagine everyone in the whole world with two nickels to rub together is trying to do the same thing, mostly for the same reason. And yet the market somehow manages to defeat most particip
  14. 🤣 20 years of the best damn place on the web (for people like us)!
  15. Beardrech, your absence has been noted and mourned, and your reappearance is welcome and celebrated. The Poet Stooleate returns. Indeed, the greatest blow to our collective FURce of good and rational is not the losses many of us have sustained, but rather the multipronged attack on our confidence at best, and our sanity at worst. And, you are, as ever, entirely correct. Al Green and his bully boyz and ruffians and thugs are little more than that, and their bark packs only the bite we inflict upon ourselves. For the ocean is ineffable, its force unknowable, its vastness unfathomable. Al G
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