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  1. This feels like tic-tac-toe.. would love to make a move, but the best one is not to play. Like WOPR in Wargames...
  2. It's tanking! -4.2 points in the past hour! Mon dieu 😱
  3. Notes of fecundity. Ikea is an apt metaphor for nuclear family life under the ?trope ?bromide formerly-known-as-the-american-dream. A writer more capable than me could maybe make something out of that.
  4. I don't follow volumes, p/c ratios, the DickArms or any of the other indicators anymore, but this feels slow like molasses. Guessing all the pigmen are busy vacationing in their condo pools or at the Hamptons.
  5. Matter of fact, I had just finished closing my last bearish position and selling some naked puts on Suncor. Add that to your list of scary short term bearish indicators 💩
  6. Along with a few pix of cargo ships tanking, mushroom clouds, Wile E. Coyote Acme-fails or cliff-dives, etc.
  7. Didn't expect to need those lower sport levels in this morning's subscriber report 😮
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