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Strictly For The Birds?


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Boys and Girls


This is classic Ewave stuff.


Earlier I said if NAS heads toward 1436 this afternoon, thats a classic wave 3 move down from this mornings highs.... and thar she is blowing.


904 SP500

1436 NAS...


My E Wave targets for today or early tomorrow morning.

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Did some winterizing work on the vehicle, went for drive and heard on the news that MCD will now accept credit cards. Already happening in Florida I hear. Burger King and Wendy's to follow shortly. Another fine credit application.

about McD:

did everyone hear the story that there is a really fat kid in new york who ate 3 times a day at McD and is now fat like the fatboys? The best thing about it: He now says it is the fault of McD and he now wanna have several million (or was it billions) of dollar from them. :lol:

Also very funny was his mummy: "i thought the boy would get tall and powerfull", yes mummy now you have a fatboy! :lol: :lol: :lol:

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Check it out


Wave 1 on NAS today, upleg to Wave 2 high, Wave 3 has begun down to 1436


Using Fibonachhos.... Wave 3 is 161% the move of Wave 1 down... or 1436


She may hold into the close... but will fall in AM...


a Shallower Wave 3 would put the close at 1460 btw


Couldnt post the chart for some reason

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Momentum indicator when she crosses below the threshold, usually gives a slightly "early" warning to short... this was 2 days ago...


Last time the charts looked like this, it got ugly. Only this time, ALOT more peeps are bullish.


Doc, not letting me post a .BMP chart pic from my harddrive... so cant help y'all

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Who the hell writes this crap for Briefing.com??


Nasdaq drifts to lows of the day...Dow darn close..it is definitely a controlled sell-off, with no panic, and no serious breakdowns...nevertheless, no sign of rally attempt.


No serious breakdowns yet... wait til next week

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