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Strictly For The Birds?


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SG chimes in again on XAU


SG reminds that he thinks we are in a 3rd of a 3rd wave decline on XAU-Gold Stocks... to new lows....


Im nowhere near going long on them yet, but will next year again at some point... not until new XAU lows are hit....

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Who the hell writes this crap for Briefing.com??


Nasdaq drifts to lows of the day...Dow darn close..it is definitely a controlled sell-off, with no panic, and no serious breakdowns...nevertheless, no sign of rally attempt.


No serious breakdowns yet... wait til next week

next week should be the "bowl splasher" for sure. The bulls have the argument for themselves wrong anyway, dumb asses should want an unorderly panic selloff, that would then finish it and let it go higher. An orderly grind-down w/o capitulation can go on forever.


As Beavis would say: "Hee, hee, dumb-ass"

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