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  1. thx ano, your tips helped... now with a little practice I should be able to throw up a chart with in a minute or so.
  2. whoops, seems to have come though 100% resolution. However I did crop it. Maybe that will help too.
  3. Hi Anoscope, I have been working on a way to put my java charts on the intraday message board. So far, I have found that HyperSnap, a screen capture program works ok. And not a big problem getting it into My Pictures for an attachment. It also has a nice paint & draw program with it for annotations. As we don't want real big charts on the intraday board. I tried to scale it down to 50%. A nice size but also lose 50% resolution. And much important info does not come through well. It looks mushy and sloppy. Do you think this is just a limitation of the software? Or might there be a solution? I will show a 50% example Thank you very much sniffy
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