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  2. I weirdly got invited to a breakfast meeting with Dayton. I was most impressed. He's really smart, and clearly uncomfortable being a "politician." When people said stuff he didn't know or that was different from his position, he took notes. He is so much better than ANY of the democratic candidates. Also remember that the DFL hates him and wants one of their beholden party hacks...

  3. Based on CURRENT conditions -- baloney. Boomers have learned the "new paradigm" and have bought into (literally) the Wall Street propaganda that the only way they'll have a secure retirement is to buy and hold, not matter what. On the other hand, if there is a catastrophic crash, the psychology indeed could change to stock avoidance. In which case the bear market lasting till 2018 may be optimistic.
  4. Hmmm, one of the classics is missing from this thread: What do you say when you see a lawyer buried in sand up to his neck? Not enough sand.
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