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On How the Stink of Bogus Flatus and Fed Inflatulation wIth It Will Kill Us 4/13/23

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16 minutes ago, SiP said:

War is bullish and generates inflation

someone said it is Always a "Bankers" war.....

>: Inflation is another was of those "influenced words/stats"

>:: Looks like I-Bond holders are going to get screwed, too.......(3.39%-May 1)

Crime Pays again, for "them"...

The word Inflation as used in the US, means "Trust me"...Hollywood Agent style

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19 minutes ago, SiP said:

Its just 13th april. Plenty of time till may :) if spx crosses 4200, should have open gate to reach 4500. That would be something.

agree, but... 

there's always a butt. 

Bonne nuit et bonne chance from nice Nice France. 

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7 hours ago, SiP said:

Dollar being sold.

It broke strong support on USDPLN FX. EM keep marching higher.

ETH jumping 1000 USD in just one day even thou Binance said there are some problems with ETH processing.

Gold is moving higher because the inflation going DOWN. Its one of the biggest myth of gold bugs that gold is good for inflation periods. Gold keep rising when inflation expectation and inflation is going DOWN, not UP. So no more fed hikes means gold could go higher, same as silver, copper etc. same as crypto. Thats the reason behind big gold moves. Gold bugs should love low inflation, not high inflation.

Lower yield, no more hikes are good for GROWTH companies like Meta. Just look at META ticker - what a big UP move. From 88 to 220 in just 6 months. Do you still laugh and joke about Zuckerberg? Its like 150% rise!!! When you compare that to gold, well, gold is a non-event. Gold should be at 3750 (move from 1500 x 2,5, same as META). This tells you a lot where is beef and money.

And look at Europe - DAX and many indices doing or flirting with ATH or YTDH

That's a plain truth.

How many 1000's of shares of META did you buy around Halloween?

And Zuck da Suck still a joke, he decides nothing important.

The big rally in FAANNGs still leaves AAPL 7% under its ATH

And all the others are still 18-50% below their ATH's of 2nd half '21, after this run.

This is still an arthritic, constipated  cyclical bull upturn, if it were just typical we'd be at or at least very near SP 5K.

The 4180 high of Feb 2 still not exceeded, nor the big line in the sand(to me) of 4305 of mid-August.



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