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Shorter term traders......you day traders.


I got a Stoolchat open if you wish to post one liners. Saves time in than no refreshing is required and lets us rant and rave without bogging down IDS. If you are interested in attempting Stoolchat, open up a second browser and come in. This is my first attempt at using it, and it appears quite a bit more clunky than other instant messengers, but maybe we will get something out of it or migrate to another IM platform in future.


Stoolchat is therefore open.

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Why would I be offended? Have you ever been to a WalMart in South Florida?


One of the "ethics rules" for crapvision talking heads is that they can't sell short.




ethics rules.



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As for Crapvision, they ahave alienated everyone. The public knows it's a bunch of crap, and we bears can't even listen for laughs any more. Last night I turned it on for 10 minutes. It was so nauseating. Tyler sounded suicidal, and they're starting a new  nightly show with Martha at 6:30 ET to discuss the war with Iraq, with so-called experts. Won't that be interesting, informative, and educational.  She'll definitely give Peter, Tom, and Dan a run for their money.


Somebody said the bear market will end when Crapvision becomes the soccer channel. I thought that was a good one.


If they want to have any hope at all of staying in business, they could start by simply reporting the news and telling the truth.  People will only buy garbage for so long.

doc, i get outraged about this periodically, and then just have to chill.


i tried to articulate this in a post a couple months ago, and i think it came off a bit weird, on account of references to siberian concentration camps and john malkovich's oreos. anyway:


as long as there's a market, there'll be a market news channel. and as long as They - Them - are running things, especially in the u.s., it'll be 'news'....delusional nonsense to suck in the crowds and keep the wheels on. and in the big picture, the crapcrew are not lying any more than peter, tom, and dan. if bill griffeth or whoever stood up and said, "f*ck you, we've had it, we're spilling the beans today", they'd shortly be leaving to 'pursue other opportunities' or 'spend time with family', and other things probably would happen behind the scenes that would serve as a substantial deterrent for anyone else considering this form of Heroism in Broadcasting. so they can quit, or not, but telling the truth and the Hole truth is not an option in present-day mainstream u.s. media.


that is, until things REALLY start to unravel, by which time They will have larger issues with which to contend.

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1.25B add.


Temporary Open Market Operations: 12/10/2002

Maturity Date: 12/12/02

Delivery Date: 12/10/02

The Desk has entered the market announcing: 2 day RP

Temporary Operations Statistics:

Treasury Collateral Operation Agency Collateral Operation Mortgage-Backed Collateral Operation

Weighted Average Rate

1.263 1.290 1.290

Stop Out Rate (Lowest Rate Accepted) 1.260 1.290 1.290

Highest Rate Submitted 1.280 1.290 1.290

Lowest Rate Submitted 1.200 1.240 1.240

Total Propostions Submitted (In $Bil.) 24.400 9.350 6.100

Total Propositions Accepted (In $Bil.) 7.680 0.380 0.190


Total Money Value of Operation (In $Bil.) 8.25

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