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Back when I was a kid I used to spend interminable minutes staring at the test pattern on Saturday morning waiting for the cue that my favorite cartoon show was about to come on. That cue was the playing of the national anthem. I get the warm fuzzies from the recreation. I wonder if anyone else has the same experience.

Brings back warm memories for me too, Doc. :)

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Got your PM Rock. Might go in on a bounce today. Daughter home sick again. My Mother is coming over to find a $1 coupon from our recycling pile (when I was growing up she would water down our ketchup, sew newspapers together for waste basket liners, half stick of gum, etc. - that's why she she has some very nice retirement money even though she never worked and my father was a teacher) so I'm going to be busy with life for the market open.


This looks like a good time to enter short, but I am still anxious about a little rally between now and scam week. I will probably scale in for some multi day positions.


Hitting singles and doubles for high average.


Thor: I hope those PM's get going today.

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Doc, no offense meant, but the Crapvision in the USA is geared for the average American viewer. Joe Sixpack, or shall I say, Joe Six-second-soundbite. The one who watches the TV for excitement, not for information.


The Asian and European versions present real technical analysis (with charts and indicators - not just some moron's recitation of support and resistance numbers) and often have bears as their guests. The anchors are still way too bullish for my taste - but at least occasionally I see something of interest there and don't want to scream "You IDIOT!" every 3 minutes or so at what I hear the talking heads say there. :D




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