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Down Again Up Again Finnegan - 6/18/21

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It never gets old, does it? 

Well yeah, actually it does. 

At 4:30 AM in NY, 4209 sets up as a critical trend spport junction. If they get below that, shorts may have something going. But if it holds, back up we go, probably to 4323-24 as a first stop. If they clear 4225 next stop would be around 4235. Then if that's cleared, target would be the top of one of those megaphones, around 4270-75, depending on how long it takes. 

If they head down, first checkpoint should be 4203-05.


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I have installed a new theme on WSE because comments had stopped working on the 12 year old theme that had served its purpose. I go by the rule, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. If it ain't not broke, fix it.  

So the three comments I get every 3 months will now be visible. 

I've updated and streamlined a few other things.  

Welcome to the 2010s.  

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The Fed has to go full inflation to save the Financial Industrial Complex.

Otherwise its straight debt default.

And they wont allow that.

There is simply too much debt in the system to ever repay in real terms.

Real assets yes financial assets no will be the mantra from now on.

Very 1970's.



A Grey Rhino in plain sight if ever there was one.

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