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At 8:59 AM Charliss suggested for this opening commentary, a good Thanksgiving message from you.....giving thought about how to share some form of personal prosperity with a person or persons, or creatures, outside of ones family and social circle, especially those with demonstrated needs?


She then went on to say that


Miracles can be achieved by those who temporarily have more sharing with those who temporarily have less....


Especially in times of darkness, that is the

time to love, that an act of love

might tip the balance.`.....Aeschylus


Each and everyone of us has, someplace within us, the power to `tip the balance.` This is how we love God.


All trade safely and profitably!


I was very touched by what she said. Ties in with what a number of others, such as Doc and torah man as well as myself have been saying. That we should always count our blessings and keep focused on what we have, rather than what we lack. And be thankful for it, knowing that there are many others who are far worse off than we are.


And to do what we can to reach out to those less fortunate than ourselves.


I give thanks for Nancy being in my life and for all the wonderful things she has brought into it.


I give thanks for all the adopted creatures who are part of our household, creatures who otherwise would have met an early and untimely end, creatures who, in spite of the constant work, bring us great joy and pleasure.


I give thanks for our friends in the area, our adopted mom Adeline in particular, who are always there for us when it comes to advice and emotional support.


I give thanks for our entire community here, starting with Doc, its creator, which, after many, many years of my feeling very alone in the market, made that feeling disappear. I also give thanks for The Anals, his superb daily market analysis and updates, something that I've grown to depend on in my own work and which IMO no serious student of the market should be without.


I give thanks for what we as a community in conjunction with conventional medicine have been able to accomplish for Doc's Dad. I really love participating in the creation of miracles.


So rather than spending tomorrow fretting about what's happening today or what might happen Friday I'd like to suggest that we all focus on the truly important things in our lives and give thanks for what we have.


Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.


God Bless you all.

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Is that the retreat bugle I hear sounding?

Is the power of Mr. Greenspan garnering respect here?

Is machinehead the only one here who respects the ability of the Fiat fathers?

Did Mark miss any great shorting opportunities by taking a vacation?

Does this suck more because we went short to early or because we didn't go along a month ago?

Is this a beautiful shorting opportunity?

Are these too many questions?

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The bond market is the governor on the stock market here. It might be a funnymental but it's the most powerful one to hang our hats on now. Unless they can break this rotational movement (not saying it is actually money rotating back and forth, just that the inverse relationship seems like it) then this thing market can't trend up.

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"Is machinehead the only one here who respects the ability of the Fiat fathers?"


Can't speak for the others, but it still smells like a reflation to me.


Can a test of Dow 9,000 be far away? And can you see that distant orange carrot dangling in the sky, just over the horizon ... with the "Dow 10K" tag on it?

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I just do not get it. The statist fed has cut rates 12 times and the economy just gets worse. So they really start ot get scared and proclaim that deflation is impossible. Well if the possibility is so remote, why do all the fed statists come out and insist/demand that deflation can not happen? Gang , they are out of bullets, and tehy know it. I ask for I promise the last time, what can they do now that they have not been doing for the last 2 and 1/2 years? What magical bullet have they saved?

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