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Any one can confirm that we are going up on low volume. Retest on low volumes then it?s not going to hold. Today is also a turn day so we should turn in the afternoon. I have notice stocks without any fundamental and with most short have gone to the moon and stocks with fundamental have not done well. What are the Boys up to?


Boys will not let this market go down unless they are short. More bears they clean out then they will try and clean the bulls out. Fed is helping the crooks so what do u expect.

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Reality testing......continued:


Are long bonds in salmon country? (USB substituted for UST weekly, which does not display well at stockcharts; same/similar technicals, though).

Not according to the weekly chart. Looks like a pullback/consolidation. Direction should resolve up, concomitant with rate and equity rollover, shown earlier.


This is faking a lot of people...and I LOVE the bullish tone of crapvision.....LOVE IT!!!


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Soup, what has changed?


Well, for starters, there is now a Republican-controlled congress.


For another, they may be a lot more desperate now -- people may have been appalled and chagrined to see their brokerage statements, but very few have been panicked. People still think it's going to come back. So, we may be experiencing the next level of news/statistic manipulation, government "investor" incentives, secret bailouts of JPM-type crap....


Which is not to say that I think they'll necessarily succeed. But has the government done everything is could? I doubt it. Don't forget the psychological value (to individual investors) of government feel-good announcements.


My own opinion is that there is currently zero event risk factored into the market. Even disregarding cycles etc. that's just plain stupid.

Event risk is zero. What could the FEED do about an OPEC oil embargo, a major blackout caused by unusual weather, etc. Nothing.


The whole US$ system now has the best of all (unlikely) possibilities - a strong dollar, cheap interest rates, and a growing money supply. The FEED encourages the thinking that valuations don't matter, just stay the course and hang on to that home or stock. Appartently their psychological programming is working,


It does seem stupid.

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