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Here We Go Again- 3/18/24

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Every time it looks as though the rally is running out of gas, somebody gives it a fill-up. It's as if Friday's selloff didn't happen.  

Meanwhile, did you notice that the Fed's RRP slush fund dropped by $100 billion to a new low of $418 billion over the last 3 days of last week. Don't worry, it won't run out of cash any time soon. This is money that came out to pay March 15 corporate income tax. Now the Treasury will use it to start paying down T-bills. It will flow back into money market funds, and there won't be any T-bill supply to absorb it for the next 2 months. So right back into the RRP slush fund it will go. More on that here, with an update to come this week. Markets Create Money, Money Talks, Markets Listen Etc.

As for the hourly ES, 24 hour S&P futures, the downtrend has been obliterated and they've started a new 5 day cycle up phase. Watch for a pullback to 5150. If that holds, then we have a new uptrend channel to work with. If no pullback, then the current meltup will run right back to the high of 5190. The next 3-5 day cycle high is due Wednesday-Friday. Buckle up.  A Top is In, But Which One Is It


For moron the markets, see:

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The US budget defecit is 6% of GDP.

To stop the government debt spiralling futher in real terms requires inflation around this level.

I call it the "budget balancing level of inflation".


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In 1960 my father paid me $10 to read a book "W?hy Gold" that spoke to the impending collapse due to over spending and deficits.  I bought the premise and have expected the collapse ever since.

As soon as I swear off the premise, the collapse will happen.  I know its true, just unbelievable the extent to which it can be violated.



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13 minutes ago, SiP said:

What a Bonner, any ideas why we have this rally again?

I was pretty sure we would start dropin further

It is FED week (Wednesday)......and they never let Fruadexes down.......

even if they have to repeat themselves another 10 times the next day.....

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