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Windows Is Getting Ready, Do Not Turn Off Your Computer 2/14/22

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I hope the Canadian Government pension funds aren't in their telecoms. What pieces of shit. FIrst there was the stock Before the Common Era, and now they Tell Us. 


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30 minutes ago, DrStool said:

I don't think my charts are complicated, do you? 

No. I wish you could also include a Renko chart, a Point and Figure and some Elliott wave counts in it. And then please paint the background in screening yellow and all the components of the charts in frog-green.

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35 minutes ago, DrStool said:

So, I'm going through the screen results, and I'm just going to show you a few of the charts in this great bull market. No particular reason. This is neither an offer to buy or a solicitation to sell. I just want to illustrate what a great bull market we are in. Let's just do a few starting with symbols starting with the letter B.


That shows how the majority of "invrestors" feel when they look in their fartpolio. Not much up move at all.

OTOH I guess that was the same in say 1983 or 1984: The majority of folks were still massively in the Nifty Fifty's. And let's face it: Was it really so idiotic to hold IBM say in 1986 or 1988? In retrospect yes, but back then? See, IBM was a quasi monopoly, they destroyed Compaq and so forth...   

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was that a false breakout on interest rates?

was that a false breakout on the dollar?

was that a false breakdown on gold?

was that a real breakdown on tech stocks?

sheeple have questions.  sheeple want to know!

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