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This Trend Was Made for You and Me 2/13/24

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Everyone on the same side of the boat... what happens if they all run to the other side?

VIX going straight up... volmageddon?  Someone is going broke today... let's see what tomorrow brings... 

Day 1      2.2.2018     Low 13.64 to 17.86 High

Day 2      2.5.2018             16.80 to 38.80

Day 3      2.6.2018             22.42 to 50.30

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well, that went a lot lower than I thought it would, but the rebound came. The 5 day cycle projection turns out to have been 4925. That looks like the 5 day cycle low. Now we evaluate the bounce to the ounce to see how much damage that selloff did. 


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Here it is.....

Nirp/Zirp + inflation + leverage = Enormous Capital Gains (taxed at concessional rates)

A very nice little algorithm indeed.

But if Nirp/Zirp ends it doesnt work so well any more.

Thats why a compliant and complicit FED is so important for the continued operation of the algorithm.

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